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The Brief

Gregg is joined by Peter Schweizer, bestselling author of Red Handed.


Hunter Biden can pretend he’s a victim, but the law emphatically says he is not.  He’s the villain.

Iran Nuclear Iran Nuclear


Under pressure from western sanctions, Iran and Russia have increased their monetary relationship. Reuters reports the two regimes have connected their “interbank communication and...


South Carolina prosecutors have built a fairly strong, but not air-tight, circumstantial case against Alex Murdaugh for the murders of his wife and son,...


The Memphis police chief says the video of the beating is perhaps worse than the notorious Rodney King footage.


Among all of the government’s poor handling of things during the coronavirus pandemic, we are now learning the grotesque levels unemployment fraud reached. This...

Joe Biden Joe Biden

The Brief

Our current president’s classified scandal that was deliberately covered-up for more than two months renders any potential prosecution of his predecessor fatuous and futile

Biden Asleep


Scratch another undoable item off Merrick Garland’s bucket list.

The Brief

Gregg is joined by veteran trial attorney Brian Claypool.

Joe Biden Joe Biden


The Biden administration’s EPA and World Health Organization are considering regulating, or even banning altogether, the use of gas stoves. Commissioner of the U.S....