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Election 2020

‘BIAS, HATRED AND RUDENESS’: Trump releases full ‘60 Minutes’ interview ahead of air date

After nearly four years of being relentlessly berated by the media, President Trump has had enough. 

In a Tweet on Thursday, the commander-in-chief promised to release behind the scenes footage of his disastrous “60 Minutes” interview with Lesley Stahl before it could be taken to air on Sunday. 

“I will soon be giving a first in television history full, unedited preview of the vicious attempted ‘Takeout’ interview of me by Lesley Stahl of @60Mintues. Watch her constant interruptions & anger. Compare my full, flowing and ‘magnificently brilliant” answers to their Q’s’.”

And boy, did he deliver. 

In the video posted to Trump’s official Facebook account Stahl asked, “are you ready for some tough questions?” to which he replied “just be fair.”

“I’m not looking for that,” he continued. “I’m looking for fairness, that’s all.” 

After 20 minutes of pure, back and forth, contention, Trump began voicing his frustration with the longtime correspondent. 

“I wish you would interview Joe Biden like you interview me,” he said, mentioning that while his opponent is caught up in a web of scandal involving corrupt ties to Chinese business deals, the news media is only concerned with his favorite ice cream flavor. 

“He’s in the midst of a scandal,” Trump continued, before being cut off. 

“He’s not,” Stahl interrupted. “He’s not. No.” 

“You’re like Big Tech. You’re protecting him,” Trump said, broaching several of the questionable Biden family secrets revealed by Senate investigators and the New York Post in recent weeks. 

“Do you think it’s okay for the mayor of Moscow’s wife to give him millions and millions of dollars?…Do you think it’s okay for Hunter Biden to say we’re giving the ‘Big Guy’ 10 percent of this massive amount of money?” 

Last month, a Senate report chronicled the Biden family’s conflict of interest where Hunter Biden accepted $3.5 million from an ex-Moscow mayor’s wife, according to The Federalist. 

The president also referenced emails published by the Post last week exposing Biden’s involvement as a willing and eager contender in the family scheme to make millions of dollars from Chinese businessmen with deep ties to the Communist Party. 

Stahl later brought up earlier comments from the president on why he continuously referred to the mainstream media as “fake” news, a term he coined at the beginning of his term. 

“You said to me, ‘I say that, because I need to discredit you so that when you say negative things about me, no one will believe you,’” Stahl said. 

“I don’t have to discredit you,” Trump fired back. “You’ve discredited yourself.” 

At the end of the clip, President Trump tears into Stahl for twisting the interview into something it was never meant to be: a biased attack. 

“When you set up the interview…you said ‘oh let’s have a lovely interview.’”

He also mentioned that while he gets asked tough, even “inappropriate” questions, his opponent gets the opposite. 

“He’s given softball after softball,” Trump said. “He’s never been asked a question that’s hard.”