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Ex-intel Officials Defend ‘Russian disinformation’ Assessment of Hunter Biden Report

Hunter Biden

50 former intel officials are standing by their October letter on the New York Post’s bombshell Hunter Biden exposé, calling the report “influence peddling” and “Russian disinformation.” 

Even the media’s president-elect Joe Biden said in a Tuesday press conference that the federal tax probe is “Russian misinformation” and called the Fox News reporter who asked for comment a “one-horse pony.” 

But, we now know that federal prosecutors have been investigating Hunter Biden and his business associates since 2018. 

We know that there is criminal activity and a criminal investigation

In a Fox Business interview with Gregg Jarrett, John Solomon urged that, despite these claims, the Director of National Intelligence has said that there’s no evidence of Russian disinformation. 

“More importantly, the chief of intelligence for the United States, the Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe has said there’s no evidence that the laptop or the emails that have been out there are Russian disinformation,” he said. 

“In addition, the FBI said it had nothing to add to DNI Radcliffe’s claims so the people investigating it aren’t concerned, don’t believe it’s a Russian disinformation campaign involving Hunter Biden,” he added. 

Solomon teased an upcoming release of information that will “enlighten everyone” on the Biden family scandal.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to put some new information out that will show exactly how Hunter Biden landed his job in April of 2014 at Burisma in Ukraine. I think it will enlighten everyone on how he traded on his fathers name and specifically on a trip his father was about to take to Ukraine to make sure he got that lucrative contract.”