Adam Schiff Admits Transcript Matters More Than Whistleblower


Amateur screenwriter, Representative Adam Schiff, finally admitted what Republicans and Conservatives have been saying for weeks: the call transcript matters more than the “information” in the whistleblower complaint. To be clear, he is saying the real transcript is more important than the complaint information, not the transcript that he fabricated in a House hearing. The reason he is now backing down from using the whistleblower as the basis for his impeachment inquiry is that the whistleblower is refusing to testify. 

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff indicated Sunday that the whistleblower at the heart of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump might not testify over concerns about the person’s safety…Schiff (D-Calif.) said the whistleblower’s testimony might not be needed given that a rough transcript of the call with Trump asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for a “favor” — the centerpiece of the whistleblower’s complaint — is public.” – Politico


As previously pointed out, President Trump has used the term “do me a favor” countless times. In fact, President Obama even used “do me a favor” in his speeches quite frequently as well. Making an impeachment attempt based on this “fact” obviously is a purely political attack. 

With the leader of the impeachment movement finally admitting that the transcript matters more than the politically biased opinion of the “whistleblower”; hopefully we can move on from this phony impeachment inquiry. 

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  1. First off, thank you Gregg Jarrett for your outstanding work as a legal watchdog over the ‘swamp’.
    The media has been discrediting the transcript of the ‘call’ by referencing it as a ‘summary’, suggesting that important information has been left out. This needs to be addressed. Somehow the public needs assurance that ‘the transcript’ is not a pared down for show document. Then the media will have one less argument, albeit flimsy, to use discrediting the President.

  2. Adam Schiff has been lying to the American public for three years first he had and seen definitive proof of Russia hoax now we have him making parodies for Ukraine never thought Trump would release transcripts must be removed from office

  3. Heaven is full of peace,security, humanity,so also luxury. An exemplary cited by the president portrayed what will happen to whistleblower,he won’t agree to testify. But whatever goes up must come down.

  4. Call a Grand Jury into “everything Ukraine.” Subpoena the former Ambassador, the whistleblower, Schiff and his aides, and the Bidens


  6. The true facts are 1. the Ukraine had already restarted the investigation into Burissma in 2018 long before the President’s call, 2. “they” asked to be put in touch with Rudy Guillani, 3. Joe Biden “did” tell the Ukranian government officials to fire the then prosecutor or they would not get the “billion plus in aide”, they complied and fired man in question, 4. AG Barr has for some time, even at his confirmation hearings, said he was going to get to the bottom of the 2016 spying by the CIA, FBI, and the Intelligence community against Donald Trump and others associated with his campaign, election and Presidency, and lastly it is now known that it was the DNC and the Hillary Clinton’s campaign who conspired with foreign countries to create the Steele dossier and initiated the call for the, what turned out to be Mueller’s fiasco.

  7. This is an utter ple of smelly brown stuff as there is NO whistle blower. SCHIFF made it up just like he made up the supposed evidence he said he had on TRUMP and the Russian Collusion. This man is MENTALLY INSANE! He needs to be removed from office and examined by a good psychiatrist. TRUMP ought to sue him and hopeflly the courts will say you will produce the whistle blower or the courts will fine you five million dollars! This man is a liar, a fraud, a disgusting pile of that smelly brown stuff that comes out of a bull’s behind!

  8. What? stop trying to be so philosophical in your comments that your message is lost. The PResident should be able to find out if the whistleblower (Who I don’t think exists) is lying or not and he or she is if she or he exists.

  9. JOHN – I totally agree with you. Schiff is mentally insane and needs to go. HE LIES all the time. He is wasting our taxpayer money for his own wacked out ego needs and is getting nothing done while tying down the President and his staff fighting these ridiculous accusations.

  10. RON – CNN, MSNBC, ABC and other faux media will NOT stop tring to denigrate the President and get him removed from office no matter what lies are told. Last night James O’Keefe released the CNN evidence that they deliberately are keeping this faux and disgusting ploy in front of the American people. All faux media should be SUED by TRUMP for millions of dollars and then when they lose in court their licenses taken away for putting out LIES and DECEPTION! There are many good bloggers out there who can bring us the news. We are NOT getting it from the faux media!

  11. PENCIL NECK SCHIFF is totally behind it and should be tried for sedition like Spain just did with 12 Catalonians who foment chaos in Spain.

  12. I want to say that I LOVE Gregg Jarrett and wish President TRUMP would put him on his staff and turn him loose on scum like Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, etc etc. These people are sick! Jarrett is as effective as Judicial Watch in bringing out the “truth” of what is happening to America and our POTUS! Thanks Greg!

  13. Adam is a fool if he doesn’t understand how pathetic hard working people feel toward him. He is a liar and a fraud and I can’t wait for his lies to catch him in his web of deceit!!

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