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After Maxwell Verdict Calls Mount to Prosecute More Epstein Enablers Despite ‘Little Black Book’ Under Seal

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell

A deal has been struck. Ghislaine Maxwell and the disgraced Jeffrey Epstein get to keep all their dirty little secrets hidden. “The prosecution and defense in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell have agreed that her ‘little black book’ of contacts will never be made public even though the jury was allowed to see part of it” reports The Times UK.

Manhattan federal court judge Alison Nathan ruled that only a limited amount of material from Maxwell’s contacts book would be released under seal. The “little black book” is a 97-page “who’s who” with the names of roughly 2,000 people including world leaders, celebrities and businessmen.

60-year-old Maxwell has been found guilty on five out of six charges, including that she sex-trafficked a minor. She was accused of procuring, grooming and trafficking young girls for sexual abuse by the pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein from 1994 to 2004.

Now that Maxwell has been found guilty, “calls mounted for the feds to charge additional Jeffrey Epstein enablers after the landmark guilty verdict Wednesday” reports Daily News. Annie Farmer, a victim who testified in the trial said, “I hope that this verdict brings solace to all who need it and demonstrates that no one is above the law. Even those with great power and privilege will be held accountable when they sexually abuse and exploit the young.”

Among those who may face prosecution include Epstein’s former assistants Sarah Kellen and Lesley Groff. One victim testified that Kellen booked her for at least 100 abusive massages in the early 200s. The same victim said Epstein’s abuse began when she was only 14 years old.

Groff has “also faced accusations in civil lawsuits that she arranged abusive encounters with the financier. Both Groff and Kellen have adamantly denied wrongdoing” reports Daily News.