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The Brief Podcast: All Roads Lead Back to Hillary In The Great Russian Hoax

Hillary Clinton

It is well established that Hillary Clinton is a master manipulator, skilled schemer, and inveterate liar.  This has led to a list of scandals that would make Richard Nixon blush.

But unlike the disgraced president who was forced to resign from office, Hillary has always managed to escape without any real accountability.  She’s the Harry Houdini of scandals, miraculously wiggling out of the kind of serious legal peril that would imprison a mere mortal.

The latest indictments by Special Counsel John Durham read like a “who’s who”of Hillary’s rolodex.  Just about everyone closely associated with her was in on the big con that Donald Trump was a Kremlin asset who conspired with Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election.

It was July 26, 2016 when Hillary personally approved the plot to smear Trump, according to CIA documents.  Her false claims were then secretly disseminated by Hillary’s cadre of cronies and dirty-tricksters.  Was there anyone in her orbit that didn’t actively participate?  Well, maybe Bill.  But they’ve been conspicuously estranged ever since he was caught messing around with a young White House intern back in the 90’s.

I identified most of Hillary’s co-conspirators in my two books about the collusion fraud, “The Russia Hoax” and “Witch Hunt.”  But a few of them managed to escape my detection.  Thanks to Durham’s dogged determination, their names are now coming to light.

Many of those who carried out her illicit scheme had a nexus with the liberal think tank, the Brookings Institution, that pledged strict allegiance to Hillary.  Law professor Jonathan Turley quipped that it’s like the Kevin Bacon parlor game —six degrees of Brookings.

But other nefarious figures either worked directly for Hillary or established themselves as members of her close-knit circle of friends.

Make know mistake —it was Hillary who invented the hoax, financed it, and directed the methods by which it was circulated to the media and the FBI.  She was the architect and master designer of the greatest mass delusion in American political history.  Evidence of her pivotal role has slowly emerged from declassified documents.

How did Hillary manage to get away with it for so long?  She was smart and clever.  She had others do her dirty work for her and maintained a distance separated through an elaborate chain of people.  It was akin to a money laundering scheme, except dirty information was being laundered.  Here is how it worked.

Hillary fed money from her presidential campaign to the law firm of Perkins Coie, which hired the opposition research firm of Fusion GPS, which hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who hired former Brookings analyst Igor Danchenko, who came full circle back to Clinton ally Charles H. Dolan Jr. (among others), who help conjure up the false accusations against Trump.  Additional Hillary confederates also shared a few fables of their own.

Their contributions to the infamous dossier fueled the “collusion” fiction, and the gullible Trump-hating media accepted it as scripture without ever bothering to check its veracity or verifying the outrageous allegations contained therein.

James Comey’s FBI knew that the dossier was a complete fabrication and that Steele was a con artist who had lied to them.  But that didn’t matter.  The bureau exploited the lies to seek four successive warrants from the FISA Court to spy on a Trump campaign associate, deceiving the judges and defrauding the court.

The FBI also used the phony document as a pretext to investigate Trump, concealing his innocence from congress and the American people.  When Comey was fired, he stole FBI documents and leaked them to the media to instigate the appointment of his friend, Bob Mueller, as special counsel.  This breathed new life into the Russia hoax.

Joining me on “The Brief” to discuss it is Scott Uehlinger, a retired CIA operations officer and Russian intelligence operations expert who has written extensively on Russiagate and the Steele dossier.