Alleged Gang Member Who Killed 15-Year-Old Girl With Screwdriver Caught 12 Years Later in Mexico

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Vidal Rodriguez-Alvarez was indicted on a first-degree intentional homicide charge in 2008 and had been wanted for the past 12 years until he was located last month in Mexico by U.S. Marshals.

The 32-year-old alleged gang member killed a 15-year-old female when he threw a screwdriver into the open window of a rival group’s car after a dispute outside of a Wisconsin high school.

Fox News reports “Rodriguez-Alvarez was a 19-year-old member of the ‘Mexican Posse’ street gang when he allegedly murdered 15-year-old Liliana Razo following a confrontation that began outside South Division High School, according to a criminal complaint.”

Razo was in the passenger seat of a car whose driver was an admitted member of the rival C-14 gang. Court documents say insults were shouted back and forth between gang members on the steps to the parking lot, prompting the driver to get out of the vehicle, but school security broke up the fight.

“The C-13 gang member driving the vehicle in which Razo was a passenger later spotted Rodriguez-Alvarez and the other Mexican Posse member from the earlier incident near South 13th and West Rogers streets. Rodriguez Alvarez began walking toward them and then threw an object into the vehicle.”

The driver told investigators “his seat was partially declined and that he saw this object blur past him…he then looked at Liliana Razo and she was slumped over and he saw a screwdriver sticking out of her left temple.”


  1. I wonder if the tat “teardrop” under his right eye is for killing that girl, or someone else? I say beat the truth out of him with a screwdriver.

  2. Congressional term limits are the answer to this problem and a lot of other problems. Republicans had both houses of congress twice in the past 21 years and did nothing to correct the immigration system. And a lot of other problems. Oh, did I say that already?

  3. Pelosi would describe that as a spark of divinity. But then of course she is Bat S Crazy.

  4. Craig: We will feed, house, and defend him for a couple of years before it even goes to trial. Obviously he was a gang member, so they should drop the alleged in the caption. That lowlife illegal that killed Molly in Iowa got a couple years of free services and will only get life and not the death penalty. We pay for his food, attorney, clothing, etc. I’ll bet he has a cell phone too.

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