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Alleged “Whistleblower” Overheard in 2017 Planning How to Remove Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

RealClear Investigations is reporting that they have sources that undercut the entire impeachment saga. According to Paul Sperry’s reporting, the alleged “whistleblower” was overheard conspiring with one of Rep. Schiff’s now staff members Sean Misko.

The alleged conversation occurred weeks after President Trump had been sworn into office. Sean Misko at the time was serving in the White House on issues of foreign policy and national security, along with the alleged “whistleblower.”

RealClear’s sources in this report state that “They weren’t just bent on subverting his agenda, they were plotting to actually have him removed from office.” Another one of their sources claimed “They didn’t like his policies. They had a political vendetta against him from Day One.”

“They didn’t like his policies. They had a political vendetta against him from Day One.”

With Democrats using the Senate impeachment trial to push for an introduction of new evidence and new witnesses, they should be wary of this report. Many of the witnesses and evidence that they are demanding are protected by executive privilege, and the rest of the information they can produce are merely opinions and conjecture.

Ukraine is just the latest ploy in ‘witch hunt’ to drive Trump from White House

The witnesses and information that the President’s legal team could call for (including the “whistleblower,” Mr. Misko, Rep. Schiff, Mr. Sperry, and his sources) could not only ensure Presidents Trump’s acquittal but also show that the Democratic leadership were part of an illicit scheme against President Trump and the American people; a scheme that was started the moment President Trump became President-Elect Trump.

The ramifications for such a reveal might not only cost them the White House in 2020, but could also cost them the House majority, and possibly a large number of seats in the Senate.