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Anthony Fauci hid the truth about COVID, until now

Fauci went into overdrive to change the narrative around COVID’s origins. Now he’s been exposed by testimony at a House hearing

Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci had every reason to cover up the truth.

Documents show he played a vital role in funneling through a third party roughly $600,000 in taxpayer money to the Wuhan laboratory in China where the deadly COVID virus may well have leaked. The funds were earmarked for dangerous gain-of-function research that can transform a virus into a lethal “superbug.”

On Wednesday, Dr. Robert Redfield, an experienced virologist who served as the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, testified at a hearing on Capitol Hill that “it is not scientifically plausible” that the virus somehow originated in animals or bats and then spread to humans.

Fauci knew this because Redfield and four other knowledgeable experts told him so. But Fauci — an immunologist, not a virologist — feared that his suspected complicity in engineering the virus would be revealed. He was determined to suppress the lab leak evidence and, instead, peddle the natural origin theory to the public. He “wanted a single narrative,” said Redfield. That “inaccurate” narrative appears to be an effort to absolve himself in the deadliest man-made catastrophe in history.

Some 6.87 million people worldwide were killed as 760 million became infected. More than a million Americans have died. Did Fauci play a role in causing those deaths? His cover-up suggests he thought so.

Fauci was warned by fellow scientists at the outset of the pandemic in late January and early February of 2020 that the COVID-19 contagion contained unusual features that “(potentially) look engineered inside a laboratory,” according to emails. Alarmed, Fauci kicked his deception into overdrive with a deliberate misinformation scheme.

He covertly commissioned and edited a scientific paper that was published three weeks later that debunked the lab leak hypothesis. Then, while concealing how he instigated the analysis, Fauci publicly touted it as the definitive scientific verdict on COVID’s genesis.

All the while, he hid his involvement and pretended not to know the co-authors with whom he had secretly worked. Citing the paper, Fauci emphatically told Americans that COVID “could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated.”

The scientists who published the hasty study had previously confided to Fauci that the virus likely came from a lab but reversed themselves in a matter of three days. Dr. Redfield called that about-face “antithetical to science” and accused Fauci of “an attempt to misguide and redirect debate.”

It is curious that those same scientists became the beneficiaries of millions of dollars in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under Fauci after their reversal.

But that’s not all. Recently revealed records show that Fauci colluded with social media platforms to suppress posts that raised the validity of the lab leak theory and discredit anyone who dared to question his contrived narrative.

Two years ago, I penned a column for Fox News Opinion stating that Fauci should be criminally investigated into whether he lied to Congress when he flatly denied that his agency helped fund the Wuhan research.

“The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute,” he told a disbelieving Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.  Afterward, Sen. Paul declared that Fauci had lied. The documented evidence supports that conclusion. In his testimony Wednesday, Dr. Redfield said, “There is no doubt the NIH funded gain-of-function research” at the Chinese lab.

In the past, Fauci described it as “reverse genetics,” which he energetically endorsed despite its known hazards. He never understood the grave consequences of a leak that could kill millions of innocent people. Or perhaps he didn’t care.

The NIH money sent to the Wuhan lab was specifically designated for “reverse genetics,” according to the written grant. This is compelling evidence that Fauci was not truthful when he testified that the NIH did not fund gain-of-function research.

Intentionally lying while under oath to Congress about a material matter constitutes the felony of perjury (18 USC 1621). The giving of knowingly false and misleading statements during testimony (18 USC 1001) is an equivalent crime regardless of whether the person is under oath. Both offenses result in the same punishment of up to five years behind bars upon conviction.

As I have argued before, there is more than sufficient evidence to justify an investigation by the Department of Justice as to whether Fauci gave deliberately deceptive or false testimony when he appeared before a Senate committee.

As the evidence against him mounts, the chronicles of Dr. Anthony Fauci demand a sober reassessment. The man who was lionized as “America’s doctor” is not the saintly figure that he and a sycophantic media have long portrayed.