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AOC on Impeachment: It’s ‘Outrageous to Protect the Amount of Lawlessness’

Controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubled-down on her demand for President Trump’s impeachment Tuesday; saying Republican support for the Commander-in-Chief is “outrageous.”

“I want to see every Republican go on the record and knowingly vote against impeachment of this president knowing his corruption, having it on the record … because this is outrageous to protect the amount of lawlessness,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

Original Story: August 29, 2019

Controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubled-down on her fierce attacks against the Electoral College this week; calling the centuries’ old institution a “bogus scam” while cooking instant Macaroni and Cheese.

“I’m not taking it back. It’s bogus, it’s a scam. I talked about how bogus the Electoral College is and Fox News got really mad… For all these folks that say the Electoral College is to instill fairness, well, we literally only select one very narrow group to allow their vote to count more than other people,” said AOC.

“This original compromise was to accommodate slaveowners, so it’s codified and institutional,” she added.

Midwest lawmakers slammed Ocasio-Cortez last week after she called the Electoral College a racist “scam.”

“Eliminating the current system in favor of electing the president via the national popular vote would shift power to more heavily populated states, such as Ocasio-Cortez’s home of New York. Midwestern states like Michigan and Wisconsin, now heavily sought-after swing states, and smaller ones like Iowa would have less of an impact should this happen,” reports Fox News.

“Actually @AOC, eliminating the Electoral College would silence our voices here in Iowa and in many other states across the country. This is just more evidence of how out of touch the Democrats have become,” posted Sen. Joni Ernst on social media.

“The great sage, AOC, apparently didn’t take Civics so she wants to get rid of the Electoral College. The college we need to close is the one who gave her a degree! She won’t watch this, but hope you will. Electoral College is good for Dems and GOP,” added former Gov. Mike Huckabee.