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As Evidence of Corruption Builds, Joe Biden Might Decide to Quit the Presidential Race

It could happen.  More importantly, it should happen.

“I have decided that I will no longer be a candidate for President in the 2024 election.”

Most Democrats and the vast majority of voters overall hope that Joe Biden will utter those words sometime before the national convention, which convenes in Chicago next August.

It could happen.  More importantly, it should happen.

Polling shows that three-quarters of Americans think the 81-year old President is too old to run for president, including more than half of Democrats who express serious concerns about his age and mental health.  Those are stunning numbers.

They tell us that people are overwhelming convinced that Biden is frail, feeble, and incompetent.  Every public appearance reinforces the belief that Joe’s diminished acuity is accelerating at an alarming rate.  His White House handlers try to hide it.  But there’s no mistaking what our eyes and ears inform us.

Equally disturbing is the damage that Biden has inflicted on the country in just three short years in office.  His policies have been destructive and his rhetoric divisive.  More than half the nation feels they have been personally and economically harmed by a leftist agenda that pushes progressive ideals over the interests of hardworking citizens as Joe works to transform the U.S. into a woke administrative state.

Americans are fed up with inflation, high consumer prices, interest rate hikes, rampant crime, the daily flood of 10,000 illegal immigrants now crossing our open border every day, and a feckless foreign policy punctuated by Biden’s humiliating retreat in Afghanistan and the $75 billion in taxpayer money funneled to Ukraine —with no end in sight.

It is no wonder that Biden’s unpopularity has skyrocketed to a record high of 61 percent disapproval.

People have figured out that Biden’s profligate spending was reckless and unaffordable, ballooning the national debt to a crisis level.  His financial indulgence triggered the dire economic conditions that continue to impose hardship on their everyday lives.

Under Biden, the average American family has lost thousands of dollars in real annual income gobbled up by inflation.  And they don’t like it one bit.  In every measured category, Joe’s job performance is a dismal report card of inept management bordering on oafishness.

Americans in droves also resent Biden’s unilateral dictates.  They loathed his COVID-19 tyranny and despised his retreat from energy independence that emptied their wallets whenever they pull up to the pumps.  They correctly viewed his half a trillion dollar student loan forgiveness order as a naked ploy to buy votes, which it clearly was.

Many of Biden’s powers grabs were lawless and backfired when challenged in court.  But Joe doesn’t care.  He keeps doing it.  His recent maneuver to cancel debt for millions of borrowers is an extended middle finger to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It is no wonder that Biden’s unpopularity has skyrocketed to a record high of 61 percent disapproval.  Conversely, his job approval rests at an historic low of 34 percent, according to a new Monmouth University poll.

But there’s another reason why Joe Biden is politically destitute.  Many Americans have come to realize that he is corrupt and dishonest.  There is compelling evidence that Biden actively aided and abetted the illicit, if not illegal, schemes operated by his son that netted tens of millions of dollars from foreign interests while selling access and promises of influence when the elder Biden was Vice President.

Uncovered documents and testimony from witnesses implicate Joe as a complicit actor in Hunter Biden’s prodigious grifts.  Despite his repeated denials of involvement, records show that the then-VP met personally with his son’s overseas partners, spoke by phone with Hunter’s clients more than 20 times, and attended closely guarded meetings.

Together, they rode aboard Air Force Two to overseas destinations where they met privately with monied sources.  In one lucrative Chinese deal, Joe was slated to receive a handsome 10 percent cut for “the Big guy.”  Some of the money from China —exactly 10%— eventually landed in his personal bank account, although he now claims it was a “loan repayment.”  What it was allegedly for is not nearly as significant as where it came from.

What cannot be overlooked or innocuously explained is the notorious Burisma scandal in Ukraine.  It has all the earmarks of a classic quid pro quo —conferring a benefit in exchange for millions of dollars lavished on his son.  Exploiting a public office to enrich your family or others is both a criminal offense and an impeachable one.  Armed with damning evidence of suspected corruption and abuse of power, the full House of Representatives has now formalized its impeachment inquiry.

The investigating committee has been meticulously following the money: some $24 million flowing into a complex web of more than 20 shell companies controlled in the shadows by Hunter Biden.  Disguising the original source of cash normally constitutes the crime of money laundering.  Some of the purported payola was channeled to Biden family members who seemingly did nothing to receive it.

Whenever a public official is involved in such schemes, it’s called profiteering and self-enrichment.  Even if the payout did not go directly to Joe, it is still a crime under 18 USC 201, as well as controlling court cases that have applied the statute in past prosecutions of officeholders who slyly diverted the cash.

Under established impeachment standards, it’s called something else —“misuse of public office for financial gain.”  This is precisely what our Founders sought to prevent when they crafted the impeachment clause in our Constitution.  They feared a future greedy President who might forsake America by selling out to the highest foreign bidders and thereby jeopardize our national security.

Democrats and their media allies keep insisting that there is “no evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement” in his son’s scams.  They misunderstand what evidence is.  Facts and information constitute evidence.  Period.  They are often documentary and testimonial —direct and/or circumstantial.  Whether those facts eventually rise to the level of criminality is a matter of proof.  But they are still “evidence,” regardless of how hard Biden’s apologists try to refute it.

For the mainstream media to deny that volumes of incriminating evidence exist in the ongoing Biden probe is to engage in willful blindness.  Or blatant lies.  The purpose of an impeachment inquiry is to collect, scrutinize, and interpret the very kind of evidence I’ve just described.  That evidence is then compared to the law and Constitution.  Biden confederates seem oblivious to this fundamental process.

As incriminating evidence continues to mount —and it inevitably will— even those who have long defended and excused Joe Biden’s ostensible corruption and incompetence may come to accept that his presidency has been a calamity that will only grow exponentially as the presidential election draws near.  Democrats need a better, more viable candidate.  Biden is the antithesis.

The recent indictments of Hunter Biden on two sets of criminal charges may be the inflection point that dramatically alters the electoral equation for the sitting President.  Stories have emerged that the elder Biden is deeply worried about his son and the legal quagmire Hunter now faces in the cases that his father’s own Justice Department was compelled to bring.

Hunter managed to make matters worse when he held a splashy press conference to brazenly defy a legally valid subpoena to appear for his deposition before the impeachment committee.  His arrogance all but invites an additional charge of criminal contempt that his dad’s DOJ may be forced to prosecute.

All of this is an unmitigated mess of the Bidens’ own making.  They have only themselves to blame.  Their vast influence peddling driven by pure avarice is a treacherous betrayal of the public’s trust.  This makes an already unpopular Joe Biden a gravely tainted candidate for Democrats.  Increasingly, voters see him as a dirty politician.  Roughly 70 percent believe he acted either illegally or unethically.

Don’t be surprised if prominent party members and wealthy donors quietly commence a private campaign of lobbying Joe’s family to convince him that his re-election bid is doomed.  Behind closed doors, they’ll cite descending poll numbers that reflect the nation’s collective opinion that Biden is too old and decrepit to serve another term and that he’ll only drag down with him other Democrats on November 5th.

There is a fair chance that Joe is still capable of reading the writing on the wall.  Or willing to capitulate to the wishes of his family and party elders.  If he bows out, he won’t cite his pervasive unpopularity as the reason.  Instead, he will embrace victimhood by blaming those evil “MAGA Republicans” for engineering the criminal prosecution of Hunter, vilifying the son he remains “proud of,” and citing concerns over the welfare of his family for his decision to drop out.

Before departing office Biden might even pardon his son of all federal charges.  The fallout would be extreme, but by then the election without him would already have been decided.

One thing is certain.  If the President quits the race, there will be no mea culpa or honest accountability.  It’ll be more of the same blame-game deceit that is a hallmark of the Joe Biden era.