Austin, TX Disappoints Liberals By Reinstating Bans Targeting Homelessness

Sorry liberals, you haven’t yet turned Austin, Texas to the dark side

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Homeless camps sit along the I-35 frontage road in Austin, Texas

Sorry liberals, you haven’t yet turned Austin, Texas to the dark side. That’s right, the Lonestar state city has no desire to become like New York City or San Francisco and has approved a proposition that targets homelessness.

“On Saturday, in a vote that was nowhere near as close as had been predicted, the voters of Austin, Texas, approved Proposition B, which prohibits public camping in an effort to combat the city’s homeless problem” reports Daily Wire. 57% of voters approved of the proposition, while 42% opposed it.

In 2019, Austin’s mayor and city council removed laws banning “camping” in parks and on sidewalks, highways, and trails. Then-Mayor Greg Casar said “I know that changing these ordinances will be unpopular with some people. I’m not trying to downplay the challenges that we’re going to face, but we can take on those challenges in a better way.”

Save Austin Now, a political action committee behind reinstating the bans, states on its website that the City’s deregulation of all public camping and aggressive panhandling has resulted in crime skyrocketing 43%. Additionally, “we’re on track for more murders this year than in the last 3 years combined. Lawlessness is not helping the homeless and it’s not helping Austin.”

Save Austin Now’s co-founder Matt Mackowiak said of the approval, “Tonight is a clear message the city of Austin sent to City Hall that we’re not going to put up with insane policies that make life worse. The mayor, Greg Cesar and a number of other members of the City Council decided to double down on a policy that was clearly failing.”

Mackowiak was referring to Austin’s Democratic mayor and the City Council which consists of 10 Democrats and one Republican. Proving once again that Texas has a mind of its own, reinstating the ban went against the wishes of prominent liberals and ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s.

The leftist company, headquartered very far from Austin in Vermont, wrote on Twitter: “we’ll never police our way out of the homelessness crisis, and Prop B would take Austin backward. Vote NO!”


  1. All these liberal companies and the so-called Hollywood Elite and the basketball players should keep their mouth shut and just sell ice cream and basketball jerseys. We, the real people of this country, we’ll handle what’s left

  2. Keep your nose in Vermont Ben & Jerry’s. Somehow I missed this bs interference and even worse opinion. Now I’ve thrown away what’s left in my freezer of your ice cream. You have no business to interfere in the awfulness and lawfulness that has overtaken Austin and now I know why you were never my favorite ice cream and now your ice cream will taste nothing but bitter to me. Anyone who thinks people who won’t work and/or refuse to get help they need should be freely allowed to take over the peace and tranquility of an amazing city needs to move to a third world country. Getting help for others and letting them run ramped are not in the same league.

  3. Austin Mayor is Steve Adler, while Mayor Pro Tem is Natasha Harper-Madison.

    Greg Casar is City Councilman, District 4, and a Democratic Socialists of America” member.

  4. May still be time to save Texas but not California. The people in Austin (most of them) don’t want a communist government.

  5. Of course Ben and Jerry’s woke company in another state says this. Bet they won’t stop selling ice cream to Texans.

  6. Yay for Austin!
    There’s a remedy for the homeless! Put money into housing the homeless and helping them become independent rather then spend taxpayer monies for the clean up which is so much greater in costs as well as very dangerous!!

  7. Bravo, Austin…now vote out some of those misguided people on the council. They had there chance for common sense legislation and failed miserably.

  8. Now this is an idea that could be used in All City’s. There are programs out there to help people. It’s hightime we take a serious look at the homeless problem. It’s just as bad or worse here in Florida. With the gov. give away going on it’s gonna be hard but doable.

  9. Austin is the center of the liberals in Texas. The mayor is a FLAMING leftist so there’s no way he’s trying to disappoint them. Maybe Austin simply doesnt want to turn into LA or SF

  10. So many homeless are so voluntarily. Many would be in state hospitals if they still existed. Very few actually want jobs and homes and normal lives. Go spend some time with them and see.

  11. Exactly why I don’t eat B&J ice cream anymore. They’re so far off the leftist side it’s a wonder how they’re still in business. It’s easy to say the stuff they say and criticize everyone but hard to come up with a solution that they don’t have. The easy way is to throw trillions of dollars at it that doesn’t solve the problems. They’re idiots.

  12. I believe in God that’s all that’s between us and the left commies ruining this nation as fast as they can really sorry individuals

  13. I can speak on this because I was. I was kicked out of my home in the last year of high school (I deserved it… I was an asshole). My father and his family grew up in the depression and he always taught us how hard life could be. He was a provider and taught us to be self sufficient but I was a stubborn bastard so he called me out and put me out. The best lesson a true parent could provide. I learned… I went from sleeping in my car to abandoned buildings to breaking into summer homes for shelter. I went from a job to two to three (two full time and another part time) to get by. I saved and invested every dime I had. I learned the hard way my father knew never having to as he lived to provide for me. Dad…. you now long gone I am sorry I never listened and miss you more every day!

  14. What America is:
    A place to speak one’s mind as it etched in our Constitution to do same
    A place to live free as those who wrote same wished it to be
    A place where all men (and women) are created equal (and only the left wish it not be)
    A place to grow a family to surpass the dreams we had for ourselves.

  15. Does Ben and Jerry’s ice cream allow people to camp in their parking lot or do they live in their office?

  16. I see and hear about so much waste, fraud, from our government. They get their hands in the money pot and take, then nothing is left for the cause, to help homeless ppl! THEY DONE CARE! I HAVEN’T HEARD 1 WORD FROM BIDEN TO HELP HOMELESSNESS! ITS ALL ABOUT ILLEGALS?! EVERYTHING IS ABOUT MONEY FOR ILLEGALS! OUR HOMELESS ARE AMERICANS, THEY SHOULD BE FIRST!

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