Video shows Biden flexing about being arrested at 21 for breaching chamber at Capitol, sitting in VP chair

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Joe Biden

In an interesting twist of events, a 2007 video clip has resurfaced, during which then-U.S. senator and soon-to-be vice presidential running mate Joe Biden seemingly brags to David Letterman about the time he got arrested at the Capitol. 

Yes, Joe Biden was arrested for breaking into the Capitol.

Oh, the irony!

Per BizPacReviewBiden reminisced about the time he traveled to Washington at 21-years-old on a Saturday when the Senate was in session. He said he managed to enter the chamber easily and was arrested as he sat in the vice president’s chair. 

Letterman asked Biden what it was like to enter the chamber after being elected as a Delaware senator at age 29. 

“You know, I walked in when I was 21, and I got arrested,” Biden said. “It was a Saturday, I was down visiting some friends at Georgetown University, and I came up on a Saturday morning because I was always fascinated with the Senate. They had a Saturday session. In those days, no guards stopping you everywhere. And they just got out of session. I walked in the back, all of a sudden I found myself in the chamber. I was stunned. I walked up, sat down in the presiding officer’s seat, guy grabbed me by the shoulder, said ‘you’re under arrest,’” Biden said. 

Towards the end of the clip, you can hear the crowd erupting in laughter.

The resurfaced footage comes as now-President Joe Biden has frequently condemned protestors who also entered the Senate chamber during the Capitol riot last month. 

Last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden would support a 9/11 style commission to investigate the riot. 

“It’s, of course, Congress’ decision to form this commission, as we talked about a bit in here, but it’s certainly one the president would support,” she said. 

“And President Biden has made clear his views on the tragic events of January 6th, including where responsibility for them lies. He backs efforts to shed additional light on the facts, to ensure something like that never happens again,” she added. 

Another perfect example of the left-wing motto: do as I say, not as I do.


  1. What happened there? I wonder? Pres. Joe’s answer could demonstrate one of two bad habits that he has. First, sometimes Joe makes things up. He has done this over and over for a long, long time. Joe’s other persistent/consistent habit is he occasionally blurts out the truth, and seems to have no concern for the implications. He has confessed to so many inconvenient truths over the years. Which one of these tendencies was this one?? Maybe some of both??😎

  2. Where’s CNN? Why is this not lighting up and showing the hypocrisy it is? Put Joe Biden in jail! What a lying dog he and the Democrats are. Somebody’s got to stop this nonsense. Biden was willing to have Trump impeached for doing something that Biden actually DID. Biden should be impeached! Right now!

  3. The man’s a habitual liar, so who would know if it’s true or not. The only thing that’s for certain is he is totally unqualified to hold any political position.

  4. Sounds like one of those big whoppers Joe tells that turn out to be a lie. Or as CNN describes it, Joe misspoke.

  5. What a bag of _____.
    I hope I live long enough to see the public hangings of these leftist POS’s. I’m gonna plant some popcorn this spring for the event.
    If it doesn’t mature in time, I guess I’ll just get some microwave kind … not as special.

    May the Lord forgive me, but these minions of Lucifer are just not human. I will pray for them at their executions, but it’ll be very difficult for my heart to be in it.

  6. There is nothing funny about this idiot,he is making our President Trump look better all the time, keep up the good work China Joe,Trump will appreciate it when he is back in the White House

  7. Biden, is demented, corrupt liar. He has always made himself to be some tough guy. No one ever asks him about his corruption in the UKRAINE with his buddy John (TRAITOR) Kerry. Biden had 47 years in Congress and did nothing but line his pockets. He has never had a “REAL” job???Think about living off the Government for most of your life doing nothing but getting rich. Amazing.

  8. God has given America over to the evil ones standing at the gates of Hell just waiting to enter for when it’s their time.
    The only way to free America is for God’s wrath to be poured out or for Christains to once more take a stand for God’s justice and truth, not relenting until God prevails by His Truth and Word.
    It is not up to these evil doers to have a change of mind or heart, but rather the Christains to take a stand.
    May we all be ignited by the Holy Spirit to fight the battle of spirits for good & evil.
    Read the words of our country’s founding fathers, and listen to the warriors who have already woken and are speaking loudly.
    Search, “Run to the Roar sermon” by David Barton.
    God Bless everyone who is enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and in Jesus name we press on to the end!

  9. Biden was certainly not a great choice for POTUS. He only won because he was far better than the moron he ran against. Hopefully better choices next time.

  10. Only things he accomplished in 40+ years of politics is to become filthy rich, corrupt and a compulsive liar, he thinks the world takes him seriously…….bahahahahahaa wow, “gimme a break” “come on man”.

  11. So if Biden got away with breaching the capitol, everyone that was there on Jan 6th should be.

  12. What needs to be investigated is an agent rumored to be a security gaurd for Chuck Schummer. Ashli Babbit was unarmed and no threat. John Sullivan a BLM ACTIVIST was present and convinced gaurds to clear the door just before two individuals broke the windows to the doors. One walked down a stairway and changed his clothes. See Epoch times report.

  13. Joe forgot to build a Gallows, wear his body armor carrying a fistful of handcuff zip ties for hostages, and bring along 10,000 like minded friends, and attempt to overthrow an election, for this to even be similar to what your trying to compare it to.

  14. Imprison the seditious bastard! Who elected him president anyway? Oh yeah, he wasn’t actually “elected” through the usually understood and legal channels.

  15. This guy is a complete clown and tells lie after lie trying to look like a tough guy. The ppl of the world see thru him and all the lefties rubbish. Love to know what the world will be saying about this time in history in 50 years from now. It’s a very corrupt time and I’m sure it’s going to take a generation to distinguish it. Once we get all these elderly members of congress retired and replaced by younger sensible modern thinking people,the world not only America will be a better place.

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