Biden Admin Cancels Border Wall Contracts As U.S. Expects Record Surge In Illegal Immigration

Border Wall

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration announced on Friday that it is canceling multiple contracts to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as U.S. Border Patrol braces for a record surge in illegal immigration in October.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that the Biden administration will “cancel the remaining border barrier contracts located within U.S. Border Patrol’s (USBP) Laredo Sector and all border barrier contracts located in the Rio Grande Valley Sector. “

“CBP will then begin environmental planning and actions consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for previously planned border barrier system projects located within the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and El Centro Sectors…” they continued. “These activities will not involve any construction of new border barrier or permanent land acquisition.”

“The Administration continues to call on Congress to cancel remaining border wall funding and instead fund smarter border security measures, like border technology and modernization of land ports of entry, that are proven to be more effective at improving safety and security at the border,” they added without referencing any evidence these methods are more effective. “Until and unless Congress cancels those funds, the law requires DHS to use the funds consistent with their appropriated purpose, and beginning environmental planning activities is part of the Department’s plan to do so.”

The Biden administration’s announcement comes just days after reports that the administration is expecting a surge of up to 400,000 migrants attempting to illegally cross the southern border in October – nearly double the 21-year record broken in July, when over 210,000 migrants illegally crossed the southern border.
The day after the news broke of the expected surge in illegal immigration, Rodney Scott, the Biden administration’s former chief of the United States Border Patrol, revealed that the Biden administration had “shut down” investments in new technology to secure the border.

“We were investing in technology systems that use artificial intelligence to help us with that as well,” Scott said. “All that has been shut down. And all effort has been refocused on expediting the processing speed of the massive amounts of illegal aliens that are coming into the country today. That should matter because if I can’t tell you who crosses through an Nogales, or a McAllen or a San Diego, they are going to end up in your community.”


  1. They’ll never be identified with whatever High Tech systems used as the Democrats don’t want them stopped or identified. They’re gonna end up in my community anyways because the Biden administration, just like the Obama administration secretly relocates all of these illegal immigrants in communities all across the United States without notifying State’s governors of their illicit actions. It would be nice if all the Red States got together to help fund Texas’ efforts to continue building a wall on their southern border that doesn’t involve the Federal Democtatic Socialist government regime now in power.

  2. It’s starting to look like the only thing left to do is call for a nation wide general strike. I mean shut it down kind of strike. Nobody moves.

  3. Obiden is trying very hard and as fast as possible to destroy our country. I hear people still trying to blame Obiden’s failures on Trump. I have never heard one person in my community say how proud they are of Obiden. I never hear anyone say how good he is doing. Are all of Obiden’s voters hiding in shame. Do they really want to be communists by being silent?
    Opinionated conjecture

  4. All the damage to our country, our citizens, and our standing, in the world, these few months, can’t possibly be only incompetance. It has to be a deliberate attack on our safety and freedom.

  5. Why can’t the so called President be arrested for not doing his job and endangering the lives of all of the American people?

  6. Joe Biden is by far the worse and most incompetent president in history. Im absolutely ashamed of him. He is under control by the Chinese government and should be removed immediately. He is trying to destroy our country. His appointments are stupidity at its best. They will do nothing for this country.

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