Vice President Biden may have been caught misremembering or making up another story. In a campaign video, Vice President Biden claims that he “thinks he met with every one of the parents, and/ or their families.” According to JT Lewis, whose brother was murdered in the 2012 massacre, not only did the Vice President not meet with his family, but they were also not allowed to go onto Air Force One with other victim families. The reason they were not allowed on: they do not support gun control measures that the administration was hoping to get passed.


Mr. Lewis points out that this is not the first time that Vice President Biden has confused his actions of meeting with families of victims or victims of mass shootings.

Still, in the end, JT Lewis is taking the high road and said in an interview with Fox News that he does not believe that Vice President Biden is intentionally misleading people.

“He seems like a very nice person who does care,” he said. “The problem is, he is getting things mixed up and that’s not what you want to see in a frontrunner for president.”

Obama’s CIA Deputy Criticizes Trump for Humiliating Dead Terrorist

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  1. Just read or listen to Michelle Malkin’s Obama, Culture of Corruption. The CD set contains a CD of Biden. His criminality and corruption goes back years. Nothing New.

  2. Joe Biden should be looked at to see if he has early signs of dementia.

  3. Joe Biden needs to be looked at to see if he has early signs of dementia.

  4. Sleepy Joe didn’t forget, he just plain lied. I believe these leftist politicians do not know what truth actually means. Consummate liars.case in point, shifty Schiff, said he never interviewed whistleblower, I believe HE IS the whistleblower, now that people are questioning his lie, all of a sudden they DONT need him/her. Unbelievable that anyone believes these liars. No one can be that blind! My 2 year old great grandson knows!!!
    Keep exposing them for who they are.

  5. Biden lied. He lies about everything. He gets a pass b/c he is a democrat. That’s it. With video and audio evidence as well as actual on the scene witnesses telling about this lies, he LIES. “Isn’t doing it intentionally”?? Seriously. The man is a serial liar.

  6. From Corn Pop to the golfing trip with Hunter’s Burisma buddies to this lie: Joe Biden does not show the strength of character or clear memory we should demand of anyone who wishes to be in the Oval Office.
    Sleepy Joe’s time has passed.

  7. Come on, Joe Biden never met a fake story he could not tell. Doesn’t matter how true it is. And never forget the media just goes on saying “that’s just Joe being Joe.”

  8. Exactly right: truth is not a concept for them. Warren pretends to be Indian profits benefits greatly throughout her life monetary and positional. Kamala uses two shades darker face make up Nd told lies re her youth w even her father setting the record straight. Lying is considered an art to leftists. Viewing it to be a sign of intelligence and when getting away with it, superiority.

  9. Humiliate a terrorist!! GREAT IDEA!! That evil sod humiliated the Yezidi people of Iraq, especially the women and girls that he had striped naked and sold in a SEX SLAVE market… they are still missing from their people.
    HUMILIATE him some more! He deserves that and more disrespect !! He should be sold to a pig farm as FOOD for hogs.

  10. I think your right. This whole thing is a sham and Shifty Schiff should be booted out of office. How can we get that done?

  11. No dementia. The left says whatever they want because the mainstream media will not call them out on it.

  12. Does not have dementia. Biden has no filter because he is not held accountable by the mainstream media.

  13. Biden Lied, People Died

  14. Does the Federal Prison system transfer Prisoner’s to New Zealand. Also NewZealand has standards that must be met… Comey you better check all this out before you keep running your mouth.

  15. Biden in the white house. Wait I can’t remember what this button is for. Oh well, the media will just say it’s Joe being Joe. Umm, Mr President you just nuked half the world.

  16. I am certainly not shocked to hear that Biden fabricated yet another story with grandiose and heroic levels he attained. He is the typical “Old School” candidate that used to make up all the stories that enriched his character and built up his reputation as a super hero. HOWEVER, that was before the invention of video playback and “Fact-checking”. Obviously those close to Mr. Biden neglected to inform him that anything he has said in the past or done will be used to contrast his present day statements. This has been the downfall of his campaign. Personally, I am still stuck on the fact that he just spent 8 years as a wingman To Obama and the former president doesn’t have the respect or class to endorse his own pick. Boy does that speak volumes to me about Obama’s own decisions that he is still grappling and struggling with. More importantly and objectively, Biden who starts every sentence with “The fact of the matter is” trying to preface his statements as Gospel but unfortunately then transitions into a count that has gone from 1 to 2 to 4 or 1 to 2 to C and sometimes he can’t remember where he left off or where he began. I am not attacking his mental state of dementia I am merely pointing out the fact that he is seriously confused and being President of the US has an implied prerequisite of not harboring any confusion or haziness around past, present or future situations. Clearly Biden is not fit for office physically/mentally and it’s a shame his wife, friends, and colleagues can’t be honest with him. Perhaps this was Obama’s intent and indirect way of telling him? Not sure but it’s sad to build up a legacy of any sort whether its positive or negative and go out looking like a buffoon. Either way, once Biden is gone, he will be given the usual Political look back in history and made to be seen as a contributor and career insider to politics period. Letting him near the presidency would be a detriment to Biden and to this country and hopefully that fact will be checked prior to any more considerations he may have.

  17. BINGO, Cindy!

  18. Yes, you are a brave person…keep this narrative going. He was a piece of pig food. I can’t get the image of him burning a man alive in a cage, cutting off Christians heads for their faith and the rape and murder of a young woman just trying to make people’s lives better. And the final act of selfishness, taking his wives and children with him when he was cornered and cowering like a dog

  19. Just came back to our Great United States of America from a third world country. Not once on our trip did we see despicable sights like what we now see in some our histories great cities. All which are run and controlled by Democrats. Throughout my life when every person who has run for public office as a Democrat they acquired that office with a forked tongue before, during and even after they left that office. Joe Biden is just one of many!!!

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