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Biden Campaign Responds to NSA ‘Unmasking’ List by Personally Attacking Journalist

Joe Biden
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esterday was the Oscars of political breaking news. Veteran journalist and reporter Catherine Herridge tweeted a declassified “unmasking list” from the NSA. The list included former Vice President Joseph Biden who was amongst the people who had requested the unmasking of Michael Flynn’s name. Not only did Biden and the others on the list make such a request, but the timing is critical; all requests came between election day when Trump beat Hillary Clinton, and Trump’s inauguration. Coincidence?

Within hours of Herridge’s tweet revealing the list with the caption, “SCOOP @CBSNews obtains @RichardGrenell notification to congress declassified ‘unmasking list’ Flynn between late 2016 and January 2017 – Read 3 pages provided by NSA here.”

Naturally, a response from the Biden campaign was expected, but this got personal. Biden’s “rapid response director” Andrew Bates, instead of acknowledging the bombshell breaking news about his boss, decided to attack Herridge. Bates tweeted, “SCOOP: Catherine Herridge is a partisan, rightwing hack who is a regular conduit for conservative media manipulation ploys because she agrees to publicize things before contacting the target to ask for comment.”

We certainly are curious about what the said “target” would comment. Perhaps Biden will give one shortly instead of ignoring the story for months such as he did with Tara Reade, or continue to have his staff declare published information is lying. Or, the best we might get is the new thing to do; attack the journalist who released the intel.

Not long after Bates tweeted the fiery attack on Herridge, it was deleted.

Not long after Bates tweeted the fiery attack on Herridge, it was deleted. Everyone knows once it’s on the internet, it’s permanent forever. Steve Guest caught Bates in his ‘delete’ and called him out, posting Bates’ original tweet and asked, “Andrew Bates, why’d you delete this tweet?”

Hot Air explains the juicy irony, reminding us that only “as recently as 10 days ago, Joe Biden tweeted that attacking the press is part of the ‘authoritarian playbook’ and said Trump had put us on a ‘dangerous path.’ I guess his rapid response director Andrew Bates missed that.”

Don’t put that popcorn down just yet. By the afternoon, Andrew Bates finally released a statement on behalf of the Biden campaign. It read:

Donald Trump’s attempt at dishonest media manipulation to distract from his response to the worst public health crisis in 100 years has backfired. These documents simply indicate the breadth and depth of concern across the American government – including among career officials – over intelligence reports of Michael Flynn’s attempts to undermine ongoing American national security policy through discussions with Russian officials or other foreign representatives. Importantly, none of these individuals could have known Flynn’s identity beforehand.

These documents have absolutely nothing to do with any FBI investigation and they confirm that all normal procedures were followed – any suggestion otherwise is a flat out lie. What’s more, it’s telling that these documents were selectively leaked by Republicans abusing their congressional powers to act as arms of the Trump campaign after having them provided by a partisan official installed for this very purpose. The only people with questions to answer are Grenell, Sen. Grassley, and Sen. Johnson for their gross politicization of the intelligence process.

Bates starts with addressing the ‘public health crisis’ which occurred 3 years after the discussion at hand. He then says to conclude this document has anything to do with ‘any FBI investigation’ is a ‘flat out lie.’ It’s probably best the Biden campaign refrain from continuously accusing people of lying and intel as lies.

Use your big words, Biden.


  1. Biden is circling the drain. Good riddance to this corrupt creep.

  2. Here comes Hillary to save the day! Can you image Trump/Clinton debate 2.0!

  3. Corrupt bi woman klinkton to the rescue?

    Her chance is even less than Bumbling Bribing Burisma Biden.

    Nope………2020 goes to


  4. She would get arkancided. Folks have had enought of her

  5. Ad hominem attacks in lieu of an actual argument? Pretty lame. Misterbates has some ‘splaining to do.

  6. LOL @ drain, how true like a little wee rubber ducky.

  7. um > meltdown for Mr. Bates? Looks good on ’em.

  8. Having your lawyer ( Powell) fight for justice for you ( Flynn ) isn’t a right wing conspiracy theory.
    Also, Tom Fitton ( Judicial Watch ), leading in the exposure of criminal misconduct in our government using FOIA, on other cases, came to these same results. It isn’t something that was looked for, it was results uncovered by looking at other misconducts.
    Then we have the closed door hearings under oath of impeachment witnesses saying the opposite in private than what they said in public.
    Grennall, only released those because they were supposed to be released within a certain time frame. Hardly a case of President Trump hiring him to do this.The time frame was set by the House.

  9. Pres. truly is a stable genius. This will shake Biden out of his duh, um, da, slobery dah … act. Nothing like a good ole shock to bring him to reality. He’s going lose more than his mind. > ie his assets. Sad it’s a family going down.. Reaping what is sown. God Bless America … Worldwide.

  10. I guess Mr. Bates forgot that the Obama/Biden administration leaked the transcript of Flynn’s to the NYTs in order have a reason to begin a perjury trap investigation specifically to get Flynn fired or prosecuted, according to the notes of Senior Counsel to James Comey.

    And Comey admitted on a televised interview with regard to how the FBI agents were able to interview Flynn without going through the required protocol when he responded, “I sent them” because I knew I could get away with it.

    What did McCabe mean when he told a small group of FBI leadership, “First we F**k Flynn, then we F**k Trump”? Gee, I just wonder what he meant by that.

    McCabe called Flynn before the FBI agents interviewed him to urge him not to have a lawyer present because it was an “informal interview” when the reality was the Strzok and Pientka goal was to catch Flynn in a lie, which they were unable to do.

    The original 302 is missing and the heavily edited non-original 302 was used to indict Flynn and was created in violation of FBI procedures and rules in drafting and submitting 302’s.

    The Flynn 302 was supposed to be completed and entered into the system within 5 days. Why did it take Strzok and Page 3 weeks to create the non-original 302? Couldn’t be because it needed to be incriminating because the original 302 would have said Flynn was not being deceptive.

    Why has the FBI refused to allow Agent Pientka to testify for over three years? And why did the FBI transfer Pientka to the west coast when the Strzok Page texts were published?

    Why did the Mueller prosecutors and the FBI withhold exculpatory “Brady” evidence from Flynn’s lawyers?

    Why did Van Glack and Flynn’s Coveting lawyers agree to a secret deal to have Flynn plea guilty and Flynn was never notified that his own lawyers stabbed him in the back?

    Why did Van Glack resign as the prosecutor immediately after that became public.

    Why did Coveting withhold 6,800 pages of documentation concerning their defense of Flynn?

    Why didn’t the Coveting lawyers demand to see the transcript of the conversation between Flynn and Kislyak? After all, it was that conversation that was at the heart of the Flynn case.

    Why was Flynn under surveillance with a FISA warrant BEFORE the conversation with Kislyak? Flynn was a 3 star General with over 30 years of honorable service. What was it that the FBI felt a need to spy on Flynn immediately after the election? Could if be that once Flynn became DNI that he would soon discover the coup to remove Trump and therefore the Obama administration needed to pull out all the stops to prevent Flynn from becoming the DNI?

    Why was Obama discussing the Flynn conversation on Jan 5, 2017? Didn’t Obama claim that he never once involved himself in any FBI investigation. Why during that meeting with Sally Yates, Joe Biden, James Comey, and Obama did Comey suggest that Flynn could be charged with violating the Logan Act when no one had ever been successfully prosecuted under that act since 1799?

    Why were Yates, Biden, Comey, and Obama discussing prosecuting Flynn 19 days BEFORE Strzok and Page illegally interviewed Flynn in the WH?

    Why is Judge Sullivan violating just about every judicial norm after DOJ dropped the Flynn case? There are no prosecutors left, there is overwhelming evidence of misconduct of the prosecutors and the FBI. What good are the Amicus briefs from Lawfare going to do went there are no prosecutors?

    Why did Sullivan accept Flynn plea when no material facts/evidence had been presented by Van Glack as required before any judge can accept a guilty plea?

    They never thought that she would lose, and when she did, they had to find a way to stop Flynn and Trump from finding out that Obama had been spying on the Trump team since at least early 2016 when Misfud tried to frame Papadopolous and then in April when Downer claimed that during drinks in a London bar Papadopolous mentioned the Russian’s had Hillary’s emails, and then again in August when the FBI tried to entrap Papadopolous using Halper and an undercover FBI/CIA agent.

    When they failed to frame Papadopolous and Carter Page, their insurance plan may have been to prevent Flynn and Trump from taking office.

    This entire Flynn matter smells to high heaven from A to Z as a set up to frame Flynn from the day after the 2016 election.

    Apologies for the long post, but it’s complicated and a lot of people are still asleep about what has been going on for more than four years.

  11. Standing Ovation!
    Thank you!! I’d like to share this, if you don’t mind.

  12. Absolutely great explanation on what’s going on with Lt. Gen. Flynn case.

  13. They’ve learned that if Biden comments he will sound as stupid as he looks. Best to have a candidate who lacks the ability to speak in sentences.

  14. Biden…. let that thing dangle on a tree like a jojo with a rope tied on his nuts

  15. Mr. Gregg Jarrett, Keep up the high level of professionalism you constantly, consistently, and incessantly demonstrate. We, America, need people like you, Mr Hannity, Mr Carlson and all the others who do such a great job! Thank You Sir. We appreciate you.

  16. She will be his VP pick…Its so obvious what is happening here…Soon as they cheat Biden in with mail in ballots and after a few months they will claim he is to mentally challenged to hold up the presidency.. At this time Hillary will be president and at this time is when Tyranny begins if it hasnt already from the cheated mail in ballet voting that slipped these two communist idiots in power..The Dems will do anything to regain power..

  17. The Fourth Reich will continue to try to bury the truth and attack anyone who disagrees.

  18. Fantastic post = N o t too long when you are telling the truth and making people aware of the F a c t s !!

    Thank you.
    V o t e R e p u b l i c a n — S a v e the F r e e d o m and S o v e r e i g n t y of A m e r i c a !!!

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