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Biden DOJ Says That Federal Law Doesn’t Prohibit Vaccine Mandates

Joe Biden

Gregg Jarrett joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the decision by the Department of Justice declaring vaccination mandates legal for federal employees. Hannity asks “two questions; how is this following the science? And is this all legal?”

Jarrett says while he understands the arguments against mandatory vaccinations expressed by Senator Ted Cruz and others, when it comes to legality, “I’ll tell you the law. There’s no law that prohibits mandatory vaccinations.”

Private employers and government officials can make the decision on their own, explains Jarrett who references a Supreme Court decision from “decades ago that says it’s legal to mandate vaccines.”

Jarrett addresses the argument being made that it may not apply to Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), to which he says, “Yes it does, they’re wrong about that.” Jarrett says “the failure to get final approval is one of the reasons that millions of Americans are refusing to get the vaccine.”

Which begs the question, “why hasn’t Joe Biden pushed the FDA to accelerate approval?” To Trump’s great credit, he “ordered the FDA to cut through the red tape to provide Emergency Use Authorization for Moderna, for Pfizer, for Johnson and Johnson.”

Jarrett says people don’t realize that the testing and standards for the emergency use of the covid vaccine is just as rigorous as final approval. “The FDA is bogged down in red tape, and if Joe Biden really cared, as he says he does, about getting millions more Americans vaccinated, he could do what Trump did and cut the red tape.”

Jarrett wonders why Biden hasn’t done it. “Is clueless Joe unaware that he has that power? Or does he just not care enough? Or is he getting really bad advice?”