Biden squashes progressive dream of $50k student loan forgiveness

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Joe Biden squashed the dreams of the radical left Wednesday when he announced that he will not be catering to their demands of $50,000 in student loan forgiveness. 

In a CNN town hall, Biden was asked about student loan forgiveness, but his answer was certainly not what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest were hoping for. 

“I will not make that happen,” he said, suggesting the money would take away from early education for young children in disadvantaged circumstances. 

“But here’s what I think, I think everyone – and I have been proposing this for four years – everyone should b e able to go to community college for free,” he said. 

Letting them down easy. 

He also urged that children from families making less than $125,000 should be allowed to go to a state university for free and that $50,000 in debt forgiveness should be available in exchange for volunteer work or teaching, per BizPacReview.

“I do think that, in this moment of economic pain and strain, that we should be eliminating interest on the debts that are accumulated, number one,” he continued. “And number two, I’m prepared to write off the $10,000 debt, but not $50,000.”

To take the heat off his shoulders, he added that he doesn’t think he has “the authority to do it by signing with a pen.” 

Yet, he became the king of executive orders on his first day in office. 

To no surprise, AOC was outraged and took to social media to express it. 

“We can have both,” she said. “The case against student loan forgiveness is looking shakier by the day.” 

She also used Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s support of the $50,000 debt forgiveness to fuel her fire. 


  1. These stupid kids voted for this POS thinking that he was going to pay their college loan!!! They had it posted all over their cars!!!! How stupid!!!! Any-way that’s not why he won!!!! The dems cheated with voting machines switching the votes from our Pres. Trump to this POS Biden a the db vp!!!! If they didn’t cheat he would have never won, the American people are just too smart for this admin!!!

  2. She is Correct… We need to ¨keep pushing¨ until AOC is back to a $50,000/year job as a NYC bartender!

  3. Who cares what Cortez thinks or says. Does she have a little dictator complex? If we are pushing for reparations for people whose distant relatives were slaves then let’s have reparations for everybody who worked to put themselves through college and their parents who sacrificed to get them there. What a bunch of socialistic minded people expecting the government to do everything for them. Shameful.

  4. cortes was overpaid as a $50,000 per year bartendress. She has the IQ of a bowling ball and is now the supreme mouthpiece for the sinking Dumbocrat Party. The combined IQ of cortes, waters, nadler and shiff might reach 100.

  5. Too bad more people didn’t do research as they’d know Joe Biden was responsible for making sure students couldn’t discharge their student loans in bankruptcy. I don’t think it’s really fair though to blame students for this conversation. Most of the people who started pushing this were politicians. I’ve been paying my loans for 10 years, the balance went from $65k to $87k. The interest is ridiculous. Many people don’t seem to notice that after 25 years, the remaining loans are forgiven. That amount would drastically be reduced if the interest wasn’t so high. I think the best thing they could do to make everyone happy is to reduce interest and prevent FHA programs from using 1% of the balance in DTI calculations which prevents students with large balances from becoming homeowners. Most people pay their loans each month (you have to or they’d garnished your checks, bank accounts and tax refunds) but why should those loans prevent people from participating in the American dream?

  6. Thebes option is to require universities and college with endowments of a certain amount to be required to fund the loans of their students. It would usher in a new wave of fiscal responsibility for tuition, and make them responsible for a curriculum that leads to productive jobs, so if they promote a course list and Major that does not lead to employment ( and the ability to pay off their loan), the institution is responsible for the debt and solvency of the institution.

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