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Biden’s New Chief of Hypocrisy; Accused Trump of ‘Fear Epidemic,’ Praised DeBlasio’s Large Dinner

Ronald Klain
Ronald Klain and Joe Biden

Joe Biden is planning his future as President of the United States, which includes picking staff. He has chosen Ron Klain for his chief of staff. It’s doubtful that Klain will receive the backlash from Biden supporters for behavior that was significantly more damaging than what they chastised President Trump for.

Biden’s main platform running for President was essentially saying he would have done everything perfectly as it relates to handling the coronavirus epidemic. Yet, he chooses Klain as his chief of staff, despite Klain’s insistence that COVID-19 was a bunch of fear-mongering.

In February, Klain tweeted, “We don’t have a #COVID-19 epidemic in the US but we are starting to see a fear epidemic. Kudos to @NYCMayor (and others) for standing against that.”  Klain’s message went along with a retweet of Mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio tweeted, “It was my honor to spend time with our Asian-American owned small businesses in Flushing today. This vibrant community is standing strong but they need YOUR support. Our Chinatowns are open for business – make some dinner plans, do some shopping and stand with our neighbors!”

How easily one is forgiven when they are in the Democratic party. Mayor de Blasio specifically chose to defend Asian-American businesses, encouraging citizens to “make dinner plans” and “stand with our neighbors!” Trump, however, was attacked for simply saying the virus came from China and excoriated for shutting down flights from China to the U.S.

De Blasio’s tweet included photos of the large dinner with everyone huddling together, sans masks. Hypocrites, however, have no time for self-reflection. Nearly a month after that tweet, the “Biden campaign posted a video of Klain attacking President Trump for not acting ‘quickly’ like other countries after the virus started spreading in January.”

“What did President Trump do? He downplayed it” said Klain in the video. “From the very beginning, Donald Trump had a ‘Don’t test, don’t tell’ mindset” he added. It’s all so pathetic, considering it was in January when Klain wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post to criticize Trump’s proposed ban on travel from China.