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Biden’s new executive order gives federal agencies ‘scorecard’ to prioritize ‘environmental justice’

Joe Biden
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Joe Biden signed an executive order to prioritize “environmental justice” across federal agencies and be subjected to an environmental “scorecard.” The order is accompanied by the establishment of a White House Office of Environmental Justice, headed by a Federal Chief Environmental Justice Officer who will oversee “environmental justice” goals throughout the government.

The order, part of the administration’s new “Justice40,” which says 40 percent of all resources of certain federal investments must flow to “disadvantaged communities,”
demands federal agencies to ensure that lower-income people and minorities are not subjected to “disproportionate environmental harms,” especially those stemming from “a legacy of racial discrimination, including redlining.”

Agencies will also be required to notify nearby communities in the event of a release of toxic substances from a federal facility and address gaps in science, data, and research related to “environmental justice.” Biden said “The United States is taking bold action to put our energy sector on a path toward net-zero emissions by no later than 2050.” writes:

The Biden regime has made climate justice one of its top priorities, and the executive order aims to contrast its environmental priorities with those of the GOP, who they paint as being in the pocket of Big Oil. The House GOP is now pushing to have its sprawling energy package, HR 1, included in their package to raise the debt ceiling.

HR 1 aims to boost energy production domestically by cutting regulations on oil, gas, and mineral mining needed for green energy. Friday’s order comes after Thursday, when President Biden pledged $1 billion to help other nations around the world fight climate change, and another $500 million to help curb deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.