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Big Mac Hack? McDonald’s Chain in South Korea, Taiwan, Latest Data Breach Victims


McDonald’s Corp said Friday that a data breach has occurred against the world’s largest burger chain in South Korea and Taiwan. Attackers exposed some customer and employee information by accessing e-mails, phone numbers and delivery addresses. Luckily the company said customer payment information was not achieved in the breach.

McDonald’s released the statement saying, “while we were able to close off access quickly after identification, our investigation has determined that a small number of files were accessed, some of which contained personal data.”

Details of the two regional breaches emerged as the result of an investigation by external consultants after unauthorized activity occurred on the company’s network. McDonalds has said it will take the appropriate steps to notify regulators and customers listed in the breached files.

Reuters reports recent cybercriminal breaches on hospitals and global companies, including meat processor JBS and Colonial Pipeline oil have led to disrupted operations and supply shortages. Some companies have been forced to pay ransom in order to regain control of their operations.

McDonald’s says thankfully its day-to-day operations were not affected and no ransom was demanded. The company also says it will use the findings from the investigation to identify and ensure ways to improve security measures.

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