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BIG TECH BIDEN: Former Facebook leaders involved in transition

It is no secret that Big Tech and the left-wing media served as arms of the Biden campaign, helping to promote his ideas while censoring – and even blocking – President Trump’s. 

These companies, like Facebook and Twitter, assisted on the outside using tactics like flagging posts and blocking accounts, all while pushing the narrative that they are protecting users from “fake news” and “misinformation.” 

But, what happens if Big Tech makes its way inside the walls of the White House? 

In a Biden administration, that just may happen. 

People with close ties to Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have found themselves inside the Biden transition, suggesting that the media’s president-elect supports their despicable behavior. 

Former Facebook board member Jeff Zients is co-chairing Biden’s transition team, while another former board member is an adviser. Two others – one who was a Facebook director and another who was a lobbyist for the company – have taken leadership roles as well, according to Politico. 

And the icing on top; Biden has a friendly relationship with a top Facebook executive, former U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. 

Additionally, the transition’s general counsel, Jessica Hertz, was mose recently a director at Facebook where she helped the company navigate the FTC’s investigation on data privacy and Cambridge Analytic; Former Faecbook lobbyist Louisa Terrell is heading up the transition’s congressional relations; Austin Lin, a program manager at Facebook for a year is on the 4-person agency review team; and Erskine Bowles spent 8 years on Facebook’s board and has been advising the team, Politico reports

In a statement, the Biden transition team said it supports the campaign’s efforts to call out Facebook and that it “is committed to implementing the policy ideas presented by the campaign,” 

Republicans aren’t the only ones that have a problem with Big Tech. 

Democrats have been bitter towards Facebook since 2016, when they believed the company let Russian disinformation and conservatives run the show and post fake news. Biden campaign officials also argue that in the 2020 election, Facebook let misinformation run free, distracting the public and media with ads and failing to crack down on Trump. 

Even though he’s been censored 65 times

The Federal Trade Commission is expected to file an antitrust case against Facebook this month. Congress, the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission have explored overhauling the legal protections on what users are able to post to online platforms like Facebook. 

Biden may eventually reach a fork in the road.

He can either go down the first path, focusing energy on Facebook to push real action and even potentially breaking up the company. 

Or the second, taking a lighter approach and letting Facebook conduct their own business.