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Blame Twitter for the “Fauci Fan Club” that only Emboldened a Meglomaniac

The vainglorious Fauci sees himself as a hero.  In fact, he’s a villain who exercised the worst judgments in the history of medicine.

Among the recent Twitter news is the revelation that the platform’s staff formed a “Fauci Fan Club.” It helped fuel his megalomania.

It is now fair to conclude that Twitter operators –pre-Musk– were gullible and brainless sycophants. They were easily duped by “Fauci the Fraud.”

Have you ever seen a doctor so enamored of his own celebrity? And it went to his tiny head. Fauci’s arrogance was breathtaking. You can’t criticize me because “I AM SCIENCE,” he claimed.

No, he is not science. Fauci represents the antithesis of sound scientific methods.

Science is dependent on raising legitimate questions and mounting challenges. That’s how empirical evidence is tested. That’s how science advances. But Fauci wouldn’t tolerate dissent.

In truth, there was little science behind Fauci’s pronouncements. Most of his policies were dumb and counterproductive:

  • Fauci notoriously flip-flopped on masks, finally demanding that they be mandated. Studies showed they accomplished almost nothing.
  • He forcefully advocated a national lockdown and business shutdowns. The Johns Hopkins study showed they were of little or no value.
  • He repeatedly called for school closings. They were unnecessary and caused immeasurable harm to students who were at little risk.
  • He touted vaccines as a panacea. They were not. Getting vaxxed did not stop infection or transmission, as he claimed.
  • He denigrated the use of alternative drugs that actually proved effective.
  • He knew there was credible evidence that the deadly virus was genetically manipulated inside a laboratory to make it more virulent, pathogenic, and transmissible. Instead of exposing the truth, he covered it up.

Why the deception? Because Fauci helped fund the dangerous “gain of function” research in the very Chinese lab from which the virus may well have escaped. He then lied to Congress about his role. Nearly 7 million people died worldwide.

The vainglorious Fauci sees himself as a hero. In fact, he’s a villain who exercised the worst judgments in the history of medicine.