Gregg Jarrett and former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy weighed-in Friday on newly released details of US diplomat Kurt Volker’s testimony regarding Ukraine; saying foreign leaders “were not pressured” by the Trump administration to pursue corruption allegations against Joe Biden.


“Allow me to begin by stressing that you and the American people can be reassured and proud that the Department of State and the Department of Defense, and the professionals working there—civil and foreign service and military—have conducted themselves with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, and dedication to the national interest. That is a testament to the strength of our people, our institutions, and our country,” Volker told Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill.

At no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden

“At no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden. As you will see from the extensive text messages I am providing, which convey a sense of real-time dialogue with several different actors, Vice President Biden was never a topic of discussion,” he added.

“Volker -behind closed doors- gave a passionate opening statement. The bottom line of his testimony is that the Ukrainians were not pressured, they never raised any issue of quid pro quo, they did not view the President’s phone call to be inappropriate in any way,” said Hannity.

“The main point is Volker told the Committee that Ukraine was not pressured, quid pro quo was never raised, the President’s phone call was normal… Now we have two ambassadors who are saying this was a normal conversation. This is exactly what President Trump has stated,” said Jarrett.

Read Volker’s opening statement here.

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  2. At this point, how do we know there even is a “whistle blower”? The left has lied so much, and they won’t say who he is, how do we even know he exists?

  3. I thought once the Mueller Report was finished, that case was closed & they would leave our President alone so he can continue doing a great job for the American People Now you are trying another lie to destroy him, why don’t you go after the people who has broken the law, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Schiff, everyone else involved with the 2016 election with their witch hunt against President Trump. Don’t forget Pelosi We the People of America voted Trump to become our next President. He’s doing a great job, now isn’t about time you started ,doing your job that you are paid to do? Its been 2.5 yrs since I’ve seen any Democrat working.

  4. Surely whatever anyone thinks or the democrats would like to think, if Ukraine did not feel threatened by President Trumps comments it is the end of the story. Are the democrats presuming to dictate how another country should think just because they want to get the president into difficulty? JFK is turning in his grave.

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