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Bragg’s Phony Case Against Trump Shows Signs of Unraveling, to the Chagrin of Media Saps

It’s no surprise that the mainstream media, which despises Donald Trump, has been salivating over the possibility of his imminent indictment in New York.  For days they’ve been acting like giddy children in a candy shop.

But these are the same hopelessly biased and knuckleheaded journalists who abandoned fairness, objectivity, accuracy, and common sense when they falsely accused Trump of “colluding” with Russia, despite no credible evidence.  Their sloppiness and sheer incompetence were breathtaking.  In a shameful act of media malpractice, they assured their viewers and readers that it was “worse than Watergate” and that Trump would go to jail for being a secret Russian asset.

Of course, it all turned out to be a hoax —the greatest mass delusion in American political history.  It was also a spectacular case of media self-immolation.  And it was, indeed, self-induced because reporters ignored the basics.  They willingly allowed themselves to be played for suckers.  They treated gossip as gospel.  Every week brought a new “bombshell,” only to be later debunked.  The truly scary part is that they would all happily do it over again.  In fact, they are.

But the latest version of media madness came to a screeching stop on Wednesday.  The sudden cancellation of the Manhattan grand jury hearing seemed to collapse their hopes and dreams of Trump in handcuffs.  The unexpected halt in proceedings suggests there is trouble brewing in this case —trouble for the district attorney Alvin Bragg, not Trump.

We have no way of knowing for sure whether Bragg’s persecution of Trump has derailed for good.  But there appears to be two things happening.

First, sources tell Fox News that experienced senior prosecutors in the Manhattan DA’s office are furious at what Bragg is doing.  They see his flimsy case for what it is —a brazen abuse of prosecutorial authority that is politically driven.  By twisting the facts and contorting the law, the DA resurrected a case that should have been left for dead.  So, there is dissension in the ranks and a revolt brewing that Bragg cannot ignore.  The wolves are scratching at his door.

Second, the testimony of Michael Cohen’s former lawyer, Bob Costello, on Monday may have raised the hackles of the grand jury who likely now realize that Bragg’s star witness, Cohen, is a prodigious liar and that Bragg has been hiding volumes of exculpatory evidence that jurors should have been shown.  Members of the panel may be asking themselves, “Are we getting snookered and sandbagged by the DA who is misrepresenting the evidence to us?”  At least, I hope that’s what they are wondering.  Because it has the convenience of being true.

Finally, a new document has emerged from a different Cohen lawyer in February of 2018 that completely contradicts his former client’s disintegrating story and only underscores the many lies of Michael Cohen.  He’s so sleazy he gives crooks a bad name.

In the letter to the Federal Election Commission, Cohen insisted that he acted on his own to resolve a demand for money from porn actress Stormy Daniels and that “the payment in question does not constitute a campaign contribution.”  If Cohen’s current claims are to be believed, then he lied to the FEC and should face even more criminal charges.

Any indictment of Trump would necessitate calling Cohen as the prosecution’s main witness.  Is Bragg that dumb?  Yes.  He doesn’t seem to realize that any half-competent defense lawyer would easily shred Cohen on cross-examination, making Bragg look like the incompetent fool that he is.

The larger picture is how the public has reacted.  The latest Morning Consult poll shows that Trump’s support is rising, not falling.  Why?  Because Americans are smart.  They easily see through the veneer of this sham case.  And many are outraged, rallying to the support of a former president who is clearly being targeted for political reasons by an unscrupulous district attorney —an uber-progressive who is doing the bidding of fellow democrats.

If there is any justice in the world the phony case against Trump will deflate like a Chinese balloon, while Bragg and his cronies who conjured up this sad joke will face disbarment proceedings for their abuse of power.

I’m not holding my breath.