British Prime Minister ‘No Choice’ But to Offer Citizenship to Almost 3 Million Hong Kong Citizens

Boris Johnson


n Wednesday, Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson offered refuge to Hong Kong citizens whose freedoms are at risk if China passes new national-security legislation. In Op-eds published in the South China Morning Post and The Times of London, Johnson made his proposition to the people of Hong Kong. “Hong Kong succeeds because its people are free…With their abilities thus released, Hong Kong’s people have shown that they can achieve almost anything” wrote Johnson.

Johnson exclaimed China’s new legislation would “dramatically erode” Hong Kong’s autonomy from mainland China, as well as breach the terms of its treaty with the UK. Therefore, he would have “no choice” but to offer visas to millions of Hong Kong residents to relocate to the UK.

Specifically, the offer gives 3 million Hong Kong citizens the option for a path to citizenship in the UK. A 12-month extendable visa to all Hong Kong citizens eligible to apply for a British national overseas passport would be offered. “Today about 350,000 people hold British Nationals (overseas) passports and another 2.5 million people would be eligible to apply for them. At present these passports allow for visa-free access for up to six months” wrote Johnson.

Johnson said he is willing to make “one of the biggest changes to our visa system in history…if it proves necessary,” the change would be made “willingly.” If “China imposes its national security law, the British government will change its immigration rules and allow any holder of these passports from Hong Kong to come to the UK for a renewable period of 12 months and be given further immigration rights including the right to work which would place them on the route to citizenship.”

China threateningly shot back at Johnson’s offer. “We advise the UK to step back from the brink, abandon their Cold War mentality and colonial mindset, and recognize and respect the fact that Hong Kong has returned’ to China, Zhao Lijian, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said at a briefing, according to Agence France-Presse” reported Business Insider. Zhao threatened Britain to “immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs and China’s internal affairs, or this will definitely backfire.”

United States Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) suggested the U.S. should “mirror those of other democracies who have opened their doors to Hong Kongers fleeing oppression.” McConnell added, “our nation has a rich heritage of standing as a beacon of light and freedom, from refugees of war to those escaping the Iron Curtain. We should exercise it again for the people of Hong Kong.”


  1. Perfect observation. Why did they do that?

  2. How about kicking China’s behind and taking back Hong Kong. China did not go with the Treaty which was agreed upon. China is heavy handed and completely out of control.

  3. Globalization, I suppose.

  4. how about we exchange 3 million demcoms for 3 million hong kong citizens?

    starting with the demcoms in congress…they love being ruled by china.

  5. Please do a Google search using exactly this: “Why Did China Lease Hong Kong To Britain”

  6. When Margaret Thatcher negotiated with China in early 1980’s on future of HK, the Cold War probably played a part in the agreement to handover HK to China. At that time, the US and the UK were keen to get China on their side against the Soviet Union. China bargained to get the whole of Hong Kong back from the UK, instead of just the New Territories. In hindsight, the US was fully aware of the negotiation. Now, the US is also an active voice in the flare up on Hong Kong

  7. Agree. China is also using HK to distract the world from its wrong-doings in the Covid-19 pandemic

  8. While the world is distracted fighting against Covid-19, freedom-loving people should not allow Communist China to turn its back on the Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong.

  9. How about we send a million aliens from the U.S. to H K? Start w. the Somalis that O’ snuck into our Midwest.

  10. I’ve been to Hong Kong several times when it was in British control. This is welcoming news in so many ways, but I can’t help but to also think of the magnificent beauty of Hong Kong, and the architecture of the buildings are so unique. I hope the Chinese people of Hong Kong find peace and freedom in the leadership of Great Britain again!

  11. Hong Kong consists of HK Island, Kowloon and New Territories. HK Island and Kowloon were ceded on a permanent basis to Great Britain by Qing Dynasty 150 years ago. New Territories was later leased to GB for 99 years. When the lease was up, GB returned the whole of Hong Kong to Communist China in 1997

  12. That should send ole (Cross i) Xi a message.

  13. Q+ sent me. Making deals with the CCP is a fool’s errand unless you keep the whip hand over them forever.

  14. Even better!

  15. Klaus, I think your line of thinking is on a close level with mine……it is time for our beloved Republic to; #1. Stop being the International Police Force for every civil war that comes along (First step in that direction would be to remove the US from the UN and the UN from American soil), and #2. Stop bringing foreign workers, trainees and students to the US (Specifically, peoples from countries who are not of a Judea/Christian majority and more specifically countries that persecute Christians; and countries who are not politically democratic republics) and, #3.Make our great Nation totally independent for all petroleum, steel and lumber needs (Anything that we cannot produce only make deal favorable to the US and friendly nation as described above even if this means middle-man deals)…….Americans have too long taken the easy way out and our government has put itself into a service rather than manufacturing position……

  16. The deep state, both in the US and UK are in bed with these “less than human” money men. Chinese people cannot overthrow the communists. They have the guns.
    The other options are for free men are to support free men.

    I am for the United States take any persecuted HK resident into our great country Legally. Not those who disregard our laws.
    The true wealth is in the people. God Bless and protect them.

  17. If it breaches the treaty then Hong Kong must go back to English rule.

  18. – Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Pennisula were ceded to the UK in perpetuity.
    – The New Territories was later leased to the UK for 99 years

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