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Chinese Propaganda Flooding Congressional Offices


Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is challenging the Democrats on their hypocrisy concerning China and is urging Congress to “take action on the Chinese propaganda that is delivered to Congress’s doorsteps daily, according to a letter exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.”

Breitbart News reports, Banks’ letter demands Congress to respond to the presence of China’s propaganda in congressional offices, citing that “the Chinese party-state has successfully infiltrated our free press and even our governing legislature.” The newspaper, China Daily, is published in English by the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] and is delivered free of charge to each congressional office. Advertising that “‘we will work directly with you to achieve any congressional objective,’” Banks asserts that this publication has no place in our government and is firm in his request that it be prohibited from circulating throughout our legislative branches. 

Although some leading Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, have claimed that they support sanctions on China for their inhumane denial of human rights targeting Uyghurs, their actions reveal a different reality. Brietbart writes, “According to the National Review, the Democrats stripped out a provision of their reconciliation bill prohibiting funding for entities implicated in the Uighur genocide.” They have also included provisions in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that would send taxpayer money swirling into the Chinese market. 

Fearing that, as a result of this infrastructure bill, the U.S. economy will become “more intertwined with and dependent on communist China,” Banks is even more wary of the CCP running a propaganda campaign within the walls of our government. 

Banks recommends “prohibiting [the] unsolicited delivery of FARA-registered publications to federal buildings,” including Russia Today, another state-owned propaganda news outlet. Additionally, he recommends passing legislation that would mandate a disclaimer on all state-owned newspapers that get delivered to congressional offices, adding that “such a disclaimer should identify the newspaper as a propaganda and name the foreign government that produces and finances it.”