nfortunately, with each piece of news that seeps out of China creates a new standard of terrible. Whether it’s coronavirus, health and safety regulations, wet markets, trade, medical supplies, or technology, it seems China is nothing but a battle for the United States. However, we are now learning of a more subtle, hidden danger that China is ramping up: espionage.

Fox News reported that “for decades, China has waged an espionage war with the United States, exploiting America’s comparatively open society and free-market economy to steal critical information, trade secrets and technology tools.” We have been aware of certain cases such as the Harvard medical student researchers that were being bankrolled by the Chinese state.

However, the global pandemic which originated in China, means they need to shift strategy. “The primary focus now, according to several current and former intelligence officials interviewed by Fox News, is attempting to control the disease narrative inside the U.S. and cast the blame game anywhere but Beijing.”

One U.S. defense official who wishes to remain anonymous said: “Most assuredly, the American people will demand some kind of financial responsibility, if not outright reparations in the many billions.” A retired Pentagon officer told Fox News China is taking a slight shift from IP and technology theft to go “full swing” in the media operations. “It’s about saving face for them…It’s about leaking out false information, even to our [the U.S. intelligence] apparatus” said the source.

President Trump announced last month an attempt is underway to battle suspected spies from prominent U.S. and Chinese media outlets who file false media reports. Retired Special Forces Colonel James Williamson said, “there is hacking into computer systems, very active human (HUMINT) recruiting of U.S. citizens out of their embassies, consulates, and spies operating under diplomatic cover or non-official cover.”

Former retired CIA station chief Dan Hoffman said the Chinese often “utilize business networking platforms such as LinkedIn to form connections and carefully recruit.” Attorney General at the time, Jeff Sessions, announced in November of 2018 efforts “to combat Chinese espionage” and stated the department was “ramping up arrests of those accused of stealing trade secrets.”

Fox News reports that “subsequently, cases have been piling up, and by February this year, the FBI was in the process of investigating more than 1,000 cases of Chinese seizing of U.S. technology.” FBI Director Christopher Wray says the Chinese are not just going after the defense-sector, but also companies “producing everything from proprietary rice and corn seeds to software for wind turbines to high-end medical devices.”

“For China, it is all about trying to get ahead of the game…they are looking to point fingers and detract to anywhere but themselves for this virus.”

This is nothing short of terrifying.

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  2. Perhaps Xi wants to join the Mt. Rushmore of modern Bad Guys like Hitler, Stalin, Mao & Kim………he has been certainly the No. 1 Global Enemy for some time….and now, he can `cyber’ up his climb up that mountain and be the Top Bad Ass!

  3. And don’t forget their covert spying and propaganda organization, the ill-named Confucius Institutes, that populate so many of our universities. They are Chicom fronts. China is at war with us, and we are blind to it. We need a total break from them.

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  6. China comes openly to America, while taking everything and anything they can from the U.S. Open up your eyes America! They recruit and send their people here for an agenda, to spy and collect information.

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