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Chris Matthews: “Who on This Planet Doesn’t Think” Burisma, Biden Had Perceived Conflict of Interest

MSNBC host Chris Matthews finally admitted that there is the appearance of a conflict of interest in relation to Hunter Biden being employed by the Ukranian natural gas company, Burisma, at the same time Vice President Biden was in charge of U.S. Ukrainian relations.


After the testimony of former United States Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was finished, Matthews was on MSNBC providing analysis and stated, “By the way, is there anyone who doesn’t think it’s an appearance of a conflict of interest on this planet?”

Mr. Matthews was trying to claim that Ms. Yovanovitch’s admission that Hunter Biden being paid $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian gas company was problematic, made her a more valid witness. By Matthews following up with the statement “Is there anyone who doesn’t think it’s an appearance of a conflict of interest on this planet,” it invalidates his argument.

If Ms. Yovanovitch stated that there was no perceived conflict of interest, even her opinion hearsay testimony would hold no weight. Her admission that there is a perceived problem only allows her hearsay rumor filled testimony to be trusted as much as Mr. Matthew’s own useless opinions on the President.

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