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New court documents released Thursday night shed some light on some of the deep state’s actions in attacking former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. If these actions were revealed to have been taken against anyone else that was not a Trump ally, the media would be screaming about the abuse of power and the corruption of dirty law enforcement officials.

These documents allege that President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, called Washington Post reporter David Ignatius to “take the kill shot on Flynn.” It is believed that ONA Director James Baker had leaked information, including transcripts from General Flynn’s calls, to Ignatius. Director Baker is believed to also have been the handler for Stefan Halper who may have been tasked by the FBI/CIA to slander General Flynn personally.


Some of the other information that is revealed in these documents are the assertions that Lisa Page is the person who edited the 302’s, and that she may have lied about editing the 302’s.

The information presented in the 302’s conflicts with the agents’ opinions about what was said during Flynn’s interview.

With all of this information coming out, it is not a surprise that the Durham probe has transitioned into a criminal investigation. James Clapper admitted earlier in the month that President Obama ordered the intel community to collect and release as much information about “Russian interference” as possible. Could the command from President Obama have directly led to the leaking of transcripts from Director Baker as well as Clapper telling a reporter to “take the kill shot” on a political adversary?

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  1. Inquiries? Forget the inquiries. It’s time for arrests and criminal trials to begin. It appears this corruption in government is as bad as anyone we have on death row and I’m including members of Congress who have thus far escaped all responsibility for their actions against the American people.

  2. I just continue to pray that these people will pay for their actions and suffer the consequences for all their crime perpetrated on America. They ALL need to go down all the way up to Obama and Hillary of course.

  3. Perhaps the beginning.. of dragging the Dems into the light…

  4. In addition, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the R.I.C.O. Statute.

  5. I heard months ago they flipped Lisa Page. If so the house of cards is tumbling down

  6. Nobody should be immune from prosecution on these types of lies and deceptions done by deep state actors on an honest American hero and on America.

  7. James Clapper is only the first of the many Obama Senior Administration Officials who should be in prison. I wonder how much money this guy has been paid by CNN and MSNBC to spread misinformation since President Trump was elected three years ago? These people operate in a different universe. They do not need integrity, honesty, or trustworthiness. They only need to know how to lie and then go home and sleep like a baby.

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