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Hell Freezing Over? CNN Dismantles Democrats’ Socialist Talking Points

Bernie Sanders


en. Bernie Sanders holds the pole position of all Democratic presidential hopefuls. This has caused heartburn for many Democrats who consider themselves “moderates”.  CNN, the anti-Trump network, decided to dedicate a segment to dismantle many of the ideas of talking points of Bernie Sanders. What CNN failed to realize, is that Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, and even Amy Klobuchar all support most, if not all, of these very same policies.  


One of the most eye-opening parts of this segment is that the United States has fewer billionaires per capita than Sweden or Norway. Additionally, under Sanders’ plan, which is essentially the same plan as the other Democrats, the tax rate on individuals making $65,000 would increase to an astonishing 55.9%.

Under the plan that Democrats are attempting to adopt, and, which Sweden used from 1970-1995, not one single job was added to the private sector.

These ideas aren’t only held by Bernie Sanders.  All the Democratic nominees have stated that they want free college and some version of guaranteed/universal health insurance. Even Joe Biden, the leading “moderate” of the field has publicly stated that taxes on the middle class and upper class are both going up.

Biden (10/19/19): “I would raise the capital gains tax to the highest rate of 39.5 percent. I would double it…[T]here’s $1.64 trillion in tax loopholes. You can’t justify at minimum $600 billion of that. We could eliminate it all…[W]hat we need to do is we need to go out and make it clear to the American people that we are going to raise taxes on the wealthy.”

Biden (02/29/20): “If you elect me you’re not gonna— your taxes are gonna be raised, not cut.”

It is hard to imagine a scenario in which the American people elect any of these Democratic candidates and test failed policies of the past.


  1. Many in the MSM are starting to ask hard questions about Bernie Sanders’ proposed policies. Sounds like the DNC has put out the word to destroy Sanders Presidential ambitions.

  2. the democrat party, heading into the wall at 200 GPD…….Gaffes Per Day

  3. We need a new red baseball cap -PMPK- Promises Made – Promises Kept.

  4. BNN= Gatekeeper Lots of gatekeeper sites on whatfinger

  5. A Sanders election Would create an overnight economic collapse and most likely a violent end to the current unconstitutional US government. I’m ready. Are you???

  6. James Carville called the self-described socialist : Bernie – a Communist… James Carville said the big winner in Nevada is Putin.. Carville declaring Putin is very thrilled with a Bernie win…

  7. I want someone to read Sanders Castro speech into the congressional record.

  8. I read every conservative news source I can get my hands on. I find them on Whatfinger.com… why do I have to find this info on CNN????? This is nuts!

  9. Agreed….If you want to be President all you have to do is offer FREE everything to lower intelligent, free loading voters.. They don’t look at how other’s live in Communist Countries
    like Nicaragua, Russia or other third world crapholes.

  10. Fact: Bernie Sanders campaigned for the Socialist Workers Party in the 1980 and 1984. In 1985, he traveled to Managua to celebrate the rise to power of the Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government. Today this lazy, dimwitted idiot never held a job until he was 40 years of age, is now running for President for a second time with a large following of ill-informed dim-witted low intelligent Americans. He’s admired by the USSR, Cuba, and other Communist Countries. America, show this clown a** the door out.

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