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CNN Guest Says Fox News Hosts Will be ‘Punished’ in ‘Afterworld’

CNN Guest

A guest on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter said Fox News hosts will be “punished” in the “afterworld.” David Zurawik, a former Baltimore Sun media critic and regular on CNN hopes Trump supporters, particularly media hosts, will be punished for their support of the former president.

Zurawik blamed Fox News for “pro-Trump,” “right-wing” media for aiding Trump in the erosion of American society. “When we have Tucker Carlson going to Hungary and promoting Viktor Orban as a great leader, we’ve got media, and we have Trump pushing for autocracy,” said Zurawik.

“Joe Biden was right when he said it’s a struggle between autocracy and democracy right now.” Mediaite writes “Zurawik went on to argue that the foundations of democracy are at risk, saying that, ‘the Big Lie keeps going, and it’s reinforced by Fox. This led to him seriously amping up the hyperbole as he spoke about what this means for the network:”

God help them. I don’t know if there’s an afterworld, how badly they’re going to be punished for Rupert Murdoch’s money. But what they’re doing, this is not a game. This is America at stake here!…I don’t have the answer either how we should do it, but I know we have to keep screaming democracy is in danger, democracy is in danger, and we have to take steps to protect it.