Project Veritas released a new video from their undercover CNN whistleblower showing CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra saying that Jeff Zucker is active in making segment-to-segment decisions for on-air shows. The involvement included calling an executive producer during a live broadcast and telling them to blow an advertising break so that they could “just f**king nail [Kellyanne Conway].”


With the obvious biases in last night’s Democratic debate, one has to wonder if Jeff Zucker was getting in the ear of Anderson Cooper telling him to give easy questions to certain candidates that Zucker might hold dear to his heart.

Considering their role in selling the “Witch Hunt” to the American people, and creating fake evidence of wrongdoing by the President for the deep state to use in FISA courts, this revelation almost could have been predicted.

Anderson Cooper Joins the Biden 2020 Team?

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  • *d.* says:

    But you’re hyping known liers & I hope they do nail Mrs. Conway for her crimes. Why would you support criminals & defy the rule of law, then claim you’re the voice of morality?

  • loUiSiAna says:

    Typical of “fake news “Trump hating democratically President!
    I wager he will win again..

  • Rob says:

    You liberals are senseless. Wtf has kellyanne done but be the spokesperson? What “crimes” has she committed. You all need to get a brain and learn how to use it!

  • Iam Ger Cooper says:

    Oh,..pleeeeze, she’s never committed any crimes,.grow up,…man are some people stunned.

  • Susan says:

    I agree. She is a seriel syncophant and a liar.