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CNN’s Jim Acosta Wears Narcissistic T-Shirt of his 2020 ‘Achievements’ to get COVID Vaccine

Jim Acosta
Photo from Twitter

CNN’s Jim Acosta received his COVID-19 vaccine in a manner yet to be seen by public figures. On March 29 Acosta tweeted out a photo with this caption: “Just the shot in the arm I needed. The latest studies show the Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective. Please do your part to end this pandemic. Get your shot!”

Nothing out of the abnormal; many people, public figures or not, have shared photos of them getting vaccinated to their social media pages. None of them, however, wore t-shirts that read like a self-inflated resume for the photo-op.

Acosta’s shirt, black with white lettering reads, “In 2020, I covered the impeachment trial & a caucus night (that lasted a week) & the primaries & the covid pandemic & the economic crash & the racial justice protests & Lafayette Square & so many rallies & the death of RBG & the president’s 1 am coronavirus diagnosis & a Supreme Court confirmation & an election night (that lasted a week) & firings by twee & the recounts & the presidential transition & I have the commemorative shirt to prove it.”

Was he afraid with the mask we wouldn’t know who he was? Many on the internet had a field day with Acosta’s choice for “vaccine outfit of the day.” Stephen Miller tweeted, “this is the most Jim Acosta thing Jim Acosta has ever done, even more, Jim Acosta than Jim Acosta making his Twitter header of Jim Acosta pointing at Jim Acosta’s Twitter avatar of Jim Acosta.”

Beth Baumann tweeted a photo of the shirt with the caption, “you know you’re a narcissist when…” and added, “Next shirt should say ‘I’m the jackass who pushed a White House intern because press briefings need to be all about me & then I can write ‘dear diary’ posts about my experiences & get made fun of on Twitter & think I’m the s**t.”

Fox News writes “Acosta emerged as a hero of the anti-Trump resistance over the past four years and often made himself the center of attention by shouting questions, grandstanding during press briefings, and arguing with members of the Trump administration.”