Comey Engineered the Ambush of Michael Flynn


The evidence is compelling that both Comey and McCabe ambushed Flynn… attempting to trap him into saying something incriminating.  The new book by Comey’s lackey, Josh Campbell, simply confirms the very scheme that Comey bragged about in a public forum. 

Comey and McCabe plotted to take undue advantage of the first few days of “chaos” the Trump White House to bamboozle Flynn into an ambush interview.  They did it under the guise of the Logan Act… which had no legal application.  It was a clever pretense. 


There was nothing improper about Flynn talking to the Russian Ambassador during the transition.  It is a normal practice for all incoming administrations.  Moreover, Flynn was not acting as a private citizen, as the Act requires.

The book admits Comey broke protocols and FBI guidelines.  He did not seek approval from the White House Counsel.  It’s the kind of tactic that only the unprincipled Comey would employ.  “We just decided, you know, screw it,” said Comey.  Yet, Campbell tries to justify such egregious abuse of power.

What’s remarkable is that the Comey-McCabe scheme failed.  The two FBI agents sent to trap Flynn concluded he was not being deceptive but was telling the truth.  At that point, the FBI dropped the case.  It was resurrected later by Mueller’s team of unscrupulous partisans in order to pressure Flynn into saying something incriminating about Trump and the Russians.  He never did, but Flynn plead guilty because he was broke and Mueller was threatening Flynn’s son.

If nothing else, Campbell’s new book makes it abundantly clear that Flynn was unfairly prosecuted.  And his new lawyer, Sidney Powell, is arguing that Mueller’s prosecutors broke the law by withholding exculpatory evidence from Flynn.

h/t: DailyCaller.com

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  1. Keep in mind, our children are seeing these spectacles of ignorance. Rightly so, years ago, things
    happened much like today where the opposing party attacked the ones in office. THIS IS OUT OF
    HAND. Nadler needs to be removed from office as does many in that Democratic group of haters
    and liars and manipulators that have destroyed people’s lives. Our children see and hear now days
    with the media going 24 hours a day that when grown up’s (so to speak) act like 5 year old children
    they think this is the way to treat others. LITTLE CHURCH AFFILIATIONS anymore and so how
    are these innocent children going to grow up other than to REPEAT THIS SAME SICK KIND OF


  3. Everything that i was naively brought up to believe as a child about our country has been crushed by a few very unscrupulous and highly positioned demagogues in each of our intelligence branches. It’s disgusting and if they are not indicted and ultimately charged for their heinous acts, I will leave this country and renounce my citizenship.

    Greg, I want to thank you and others of your ilk who have taken up the sword of justice. I frankly don’t know how you manage to keep all the details in order from such a plethora of information but I certainly thank you for your service in so doing. May God Save our Country from these wretched people who masquerade as patriots.

  4. For mueller’s team to pressure Flynn into pleading guilty while withholding exculpatory evidence, is terribly mean, criminal, virtue less, heartless, no conscience. They ambushed and ruined a man with nefarious, wicked savageness. The names of all of mueller’s KGB mafia should be on the headlines of media demonstrating what heartless pigs that they are. To deliberately and needlessly destroy a person is no different than robbing him, and burning his house. The families of mueller’s team need to understand what manipulating, truth twisting, power abusing POS that they are.

  5. Flynn, caught red-handed, admitted guilt and incriminated others.
    No ambush needed with blatant criminal conduct.

  6. These evil and corrupt democrat (or dare I say commucrat) politicians, staffers, and lobbyists who are out to undermine the Presidency, destroy it, and transform our country into a socialist or even a communist form of government, will do anything and say anything because in the eyes of their great leader Marx the ends justifies the means. Communism is their ultimate goal and they will stop at nothing, including stopping President Trump and his agenda, AG William Bar, and preventing the best interests of the people by blocking good legislation from happening that supports we conservatives agenda. For them it is all about transforming the United States government into communism. They follow Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, and other evil politicians game plans, in union with the mainstream press. President Trump derailed and upset these commucrats momentum in the transformation they had long and insidiously planned which required Obama’s hand-picked
    Hillary at the helm. These commucrat crooks all need to be brought to justice to demonstrate before the world public the consequences that we Americans will not tolerate these actions to undermine and transform our Republic to communism and to deter future generations of corrupt politicians, staffers, and lobbyists from trying it again. These commucrat crooks which include Obama, Clinton, Comey, McCabe, and others, high-level senators and representatives cannot be allowed to be above the law, even if it shames the history of the Office of the President and Secretary of State, Intelligence Agencies, and FBI.

  7. They all need to be prosecuted, disbarred, security clearances revoked, and any and all other possibilities. They need to be publicly shamed so our children can see what happens when communists try to take over this country. Our forefathers had great insight they tried their best to create a system where checks and balances would remain in place. Unfortunately those who want this counrty to go under have been stopped by the few. Now as a nation we need to stand for what is Right without all the drama, culture differences, and without those in high places who think they are above the law. We have laws on the books to make changes and its a starting place. There is always room for improvement, but the improvement must be for the good of all.

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