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Conservative Social Media Platform Parler is Latest Victim in Big Tech’s Sweeping Shutdowns


A new era of liberals and Democrats intent on silencing the conservative voices in the United States has begun; this time, they come equipped with a new president-elect. Twitter and Facebook flexed their big “private company” muscles by banning President Donald Trump’s account; at first “indefinitely” until they cowered to left-wing bullies and made the choice permanent.

Unfortunately, this may just be the beginning. Their leader Biden hasn’t even been sworn into office yet. After Twitter’s announcement, Apple Inc and Inc “have suspended Parler from their respective App Store and web hosting service” reported U.S. News and World Report. Their reason behind the move is that “the social networking service popular with many right-leaning social media users has not taken adequate measures to prevent the spread of posts inciting violence.”

Parler was an app born as a consequence of hundreds of thousands of accounts being locked or shut down due to the politically conservative and/or pro-Trump content posted. Parler became a platform where conservative voices did not have to fear repercussions of being shut down for freedom of thought.

On Saturday, Apple said in a statement, “We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues.” All web and social media platforms have justified their actions by claiming a “public safety risk.” No explanation, however, has been provided for the fact that zero accounts around the ANTIFA, Black Panther, or violence surrounding the Black Lives Matter Protests received the same treatment.

Even terrorists, such as ISIS and Al Qaeda are free to spread propaganda, start fatwas, recruit new members and inspire lone wolfs around the world; that’s all fine. Demanding proof that an election was legally conducted, however? Absolutely a “public safety risk” that must be extinguished.