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COVID Stats Prove The CDC’s New Mask Rule Is Idiotic

Biden's Mask Trouble

There is no logical reason why vaccinated people should wear masks.  None.

A vaxxed person’s chance of getting what’s called a “breakthrough” infection of COVID and being hospitalized is statistically infinitesimal (0.0035%, to be exact).  Your chance of dying from it is even less (0.0007%).  These figures come from the Centers for Disease Control.

Nevertheless, the CDC on Tuesday issued new indoor-mask guidelines in various hot spots even for the vaccinated.  Try to make sense of that.

If you want to visualize these percentages on a block graph, as the New York Post did, you would barely be able to see the risk.  It is that miniscule –almost imperceptible.  And yet, the CDC wants you to wear a mask even though you rolled up your sleeves and got stabbed.

Masked madness has reached a new level of lunacy devoid of any scientific basis.  Why hasn’t the CDC recommended masks for the annual flu?  According to its website, up to 20% of the population contract the flu each year, and 8% are sickened by it.

During the 2019-20 season, the flu led to 18 million medical visits, 410,000 hospitalizations, and 24,000 deaths.  This, despite flu vaccinations.  But wait…no masks?  How is that consistent or rational in light of the CDC’s COVID guidelines?

By now, the CDC has lost all credibility.  After announcing weeks ago that vaccinated people need not wear masks, Director Rochelle Walensky has reversed course.  She blames the Delta strain as the reason.  But the statistics belie her reasoning.

Even if it is true (as she claims) that vaccinated individuals, if infected, can still transmit COVID, it represents the same miniscule risk.  But Dr. Walensky wants to punish vaccinated people for the sins of the unvaccinated.  That’s not just backwards it’s idiotic.

By any reasonable standard, only unvaccinated people should wear masks.  Otherwise, there is no real incentive for them to get vaccinated.  The CDC’s policy is self-defeating.

If the tens of millions of Americans who refuse to accept highly effective vaccinations become infected with the COVID 19 virus or its Delta variant, that’s on them.  They have only themselves to blame.  It was their choice.  For some, it may prove to be a deadly one.

Currently, 99% of all deaths are among the unvaccinated, while 97% of all hospitalizations come from the same group of individuals who said “no” to the free vaccines.

Forcing an entire population to now re-mask is senseless and unscientific.  Contagions have always presented a harsh reality.  Deaths are inexorable despite our best efforts to prevent them.

If everyone is going to be required to mask up for every virus or every variant, including the annual flu, then we’ll all be wearing face coverings in perpetuity.

At some point, Americans must say, “enough!”