Cuomo Makes Sharing Illegal Immigrant Driver Information Between Law Enforcement Class E Felony

ICE Arrests


n an exclusive interview with Fox News, the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expressed concern about New York’s controversial Green Light Law and its newest amendment. “Somehow the state of New York took a bad law, doubled down and made it worse by now criminalizing essential information sharing that is critical to effective law enforcement,” Acting ICE Director Matt Albence told Fox News.

The law, which took effect in January was amended and signed by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo in April as part of the state’s 2020 budget. In effect, the law allows illegal immigrants to receive driver’s licenses, but even the “original law went a step further than similar laws in other states by forbidding state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) agencies from sharing data with immigration authorities like ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP)” reported Fox News.

Many were critical of the original Green Light Law, but the amendment “goes even further and makes it a class E felony for officials to share such information.” In accordance with the law, “anyone who receives or has access to DMV records must certify beforehand that they will not use such records for immigration purposes or disclose them to an agency that primarily enforces immigration law.”

Albence said in his interview, “in New York, we’ve been frozen out now and now you can’t even share from cop to cop, so it’s incredibly dangerous.”  The law also demands identification of “any immigration official or entity that received department records or information from any such certifying person or entity.” Failure to do so would also be deemed a class E felony. “It’s part of a continued move by the liberal state to limit ICE’s enforcement operations” according to Fox News.

“It’s certainly affected our ability to do our job as safely and effectively as we’d want to…information sharing is the lifeblood of law enforcement,” said Albence who fears the law brings us back to a “pre-9/11 mentality.” While liberals, immigration advocates and Democratic lawmakers have praised the controversial law, Albence says “it sends a very dangerous message and the message it sends is the politicians in the state of New York are more concerned about illegal aliens having driver’s licenses than the law enforcement that are putting their lives on the line every single day to keep their communities safe from being able to do their jobs as effectively as possible.”

Governor Cuomo gave a throwaway comment about the law saying nothing more than “It’s a public safety issue. So even if you’re not in full compliance with the immigration laws, you can get a driver’s license if you take the test and if you pass the test because we want to make sure if you are driving, you know what you are doing.”

Wow, what tremendous leadership. Cuomo simply wants people who engage in criminal activity to “know what they’re doing” while driving.


  1. Just the self-proclaimed “emperor” of N.Y. protecting his new “voting block” of GULLIBLE illegals that will take the BRIBES, and keep him in power. This shows how CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS like he (and his “party”) are.
    The “rule of law”, his SWORN oath of office, the U.S Constitution, Bill of rights, as well as the LEGAL citizens of N.Y. mean NOTHING to this corrupt scumbag as long as he retains unlimited POWER and CONTROL over the people of N.Y. he considers his “royal subjects”.

  2. The people of N.Y (city) elected this liberal scumbag so let them suffer the consequences. I feel sorry for the up staters who have to endure the idiocy of the city dwellers. You get what you pay for. The same goes for Californication. The good live and work in the outland. The morons live in the cities. But, like N.Y. they control the direction of the state. The results speak for themselves.

  3. Why is everything the Democrats do an attempt to circumvent, change or destroy our Constitution. Why are they so engulfed with this burning desire to cheat and gain voters at every corner, even when illegal? Can Democrats win fair and square? Apparently they don’t think they can. ❤️🇺🇸

  4. Cuomo is a disgusting liar and TERRIBLE Governor

  5. In my opinion the left is a criminal condition based on mafia doctrine…

  6. Didn’t O’ make info-sharing among the Fed law agencies mandatory? That way O’ could coordinate his attempted coup of illegally removing DJT from office. But in NY, the state DMV can’t share info on illegals w. the Feds. Wait a minute, it’s Cuomo who’s the lawbreaker now. He’s interfering w. Fed law enforcement. Right? Cops can use unreasonable search-and-seizure of the private info of the aliens, who don’t have U.S. Const. protections.

  7. Voter fraud in the cities is what is the problem. They constantly have more votes than voters

  8. Cumjo the Hoe is making way for his American replacement workers/voters. This SIB is a traitor to America. .

  9. More obstruction of the Federal Government. If the American people will not vote these corrupted scum into office, they want to rely on illegals to do it. Cuomo is not fit for any public office. The panic shown by these Leftist, Soros shills is desperation that their years of treasonous acts are going to be revealed. We’re going to need plenty of rope.

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