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Cuomo surprise addresses Brooklyn Church, ‘God isn’t finished with me yet’

Andrew Cuomo

Talk about ego. The former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was riddled with controversy and scandal, believes “God isn’t finished with me yet.” In his first public appearance since his resignation, Cuomo defended his actions. He also said he has been leaning on scripture.

After a service at a church in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on Sunday, “Cuomo took the pulpit.” POLITICO reported that six months after resigning over the multiple sexual harassment allegations, and “preceded by a service at God’s Battalion of Prayer that included golden flags, white-robed dancers, song and prayer, Cuomo took the pulpit with the traditional call and response line, ‘God is good.”

The poor attendees listened to Cuomo layout “the same defense of his behavior he’s held over the past several months” for roughly 20 entire minutes. Cuomo assured the audience he has been leaning on “Scripture” during this difficult time because “God isn’t finished with me yet.”

“I haven’t spoken about it in public yet because I wanted to talk about it here with you because God’s guidance is helping me through,” he said. “The press roasted me, my colleagues were ridiculed, my brother was fired. It was ugly. It was probably the toughest time of my life” he added.

Cuomo was a guest of Reverend Alfred Cockfield II, a major supporter of New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Cuomo appointed Cockfield to the Long Island Power Authority board of trustees last summer. POLITICO writes that the audience was not given any advance notice that Cuomo would be the guest.

POLITICO reports:

Leaning on allies in Black communities is a long-held strategy Cuomo’s used throughout the past year of scandal. It follows a path Cuomo is paving with his multimillion-dollar campaign account to reclaim a spot in public, and perhaps political, life. Last week he released a TV ad aimed at clearing his name. Since the start of the year, he’s dined in Manhattan several times, including with Adams and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.