DA Declines to Prosecute Accomplice in New York St. Patrick’s Cathedral Vandalism

St Patrick's Vandalism


he horrendous vandalism of New York City’s historical St. Patrick’s Cathedral will see no justice. Thank goodness, the perpetrator was caught and arrested. A 26-year-old man from Queens, Yadir Avila Rosas was taken into custody during the early hours of Saturday morning, the NYPD told The New York Post.

Police charged Rosas “with criminal mischief in the third degree and making graffiti, alleging that he was the ‘getaway driver’ for two women who tagged the famous house of worship with spray-painted slogans on May 30” reported The Post.

Unfortunately, the District Attorney decided an arraignment on Saturday was unnecessary. Despite the DA’s lack of action, cops are still looking for the two female suspects who used Rosas as their getaway. Photos have been released and the NYPD is asking the public for help. If anyone has knowledge about the two women, they are asked to call NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.

The famous Cathedral was sprayed with the words “F*** F***” in red letters on one exterior wall and “BLM” for Black Lives Matter along with “NYPDK” for “No Justice No Peace.” The victim’s name, George Floyd, was also spray-painted in black letters on part of its stairs.

If the District Attorney declines to prosecute Rosas, will the same be done after the female suspects are found? Is the hard work of the police and helpful public simply going to be flushed down the toilet by the District Attorney? It’s just another example of the uphill battle police departments in liberal cities face; leaders who thwart them, not support them.


  1. They voted these liberals into office. Hope they enjoy the consequences.

  2. If it was a mosque, not only would they prosecute they’d push for hate crime charges.

  3. The law needs to be change to: If you commit a crime against any Christian organization then you will be deported immediately. Get all of these people that do not want to be Americans out of America and take them to the country of their choice. We don’t want them here and they don’t want to be here so make everybody happy.

  4. A DA is not elected, is nominated. Are they not accountable for denial of justice?

  5. USA is a multi-religious confederation. Christian organisations shouldn’t have a preferential treatment, but your argument should apply to all religions. The vandalism of a public monument, religious or not, is anyhow punishable…

  6. Actually it depends on the System in Place. Different States and even Different Counties or Jurisdictions have different ways they do it. Some Jurisdictions the DA is appointed by the Chief Executive of that Jurisdiction. But there are some Jurisdictions that the DA is Elected by local voters.

    I don’t know where this particular Jurisdiction Falls but If I lived in that area I sure would like to know! I believe I would be at this particular DA’s office with a torch and some pitchforks running his useless rear end out of office and out of town!

  7. Keep in mind, George Soros has been busy looking for AG’s especially and DA’s too who fit his one world government totalitarian template. Is this guy one of them like Keith Ellison in Minnesota?

  8. Our legal structure is Judeo-Christian, not Sharia as many noisy elected officials are pushing.

  9. Judeo! Jewish! Jevvs! Beware of the Faux Friends! Those wanting to take over the USA are not Muslim, they are jevvs! More than 50 years ago the NWO project was attributed by the public opinion to the Jewish… Today, what do you see: George Soros is investing billions in placing his pawns in strategic positions. The FED, the IMF, the World Bank, the finance system is in jewish hands. The msm (i.e. NYT) too! The opinion makers, the influencers, Hollywood are dominated and manipulated by jevvs: Weinstein, Streisand, Allen, Epstein, etc…. The coup-cabal: Rosenstein and Weisman. Most of the impeachment antiTrump witnesses were jevvs: Vindman, Yovanovitch, Sondland, etc…Though only 2% of the population, the Democrat party (representing roughly half of the nation) is overwhelmingly dominated by jevvs: schif, schumer, nadler, feinstein etc… That’s not a conspiracy theory, but a deadly jewish conspiracy! Judeo not Sharia!!!

  10. You got that right

  11. 👍🙏🏻👌

  12. And, sadly, those same liberals will be reelected.

  13. Jewish people are not the problem. Leftist ideology is.

  14. Leftist ideology is jewish, starting with Jesus. Marx? A jevv! Engels? 1/2 jeww. Lenin?1/4 jevv! 9 out of 13 first Politbureau members? jevvs! 3 out of 4 leaders of May 68 French leftist insurrection? Jevvs! Soros and the kipa gang? All jevvs! Sure, not ALL Jewish are to blame, but those to blame are ALL jevvs! I wait to see when the not to blame will blame those to blame! Shall I repeat?

  15. Well, Karl Marx.

  16. Why no prosecution for cathedral vandalism?

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