Even after James Comey, one of the leaders of the deep state, was fired it appears that the deep state continued to “fail to comply” with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISC). The documents show that the FBI violated Section 702 of the FISC by failing to properly limit the gathering of information on US citizens, or people located within the United States.

My new book, Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History, shows how the deep state abused the powers the American people allow them to have by breaking the law and lied to courts in the FISA system in order to spy on American citizens associated with Trump.


“It is a crime to lie to a judge. Depending on the case and circumstances, it could constitute numerous felonies, including perjury, false and misleading statements, obstruction of justice, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, deprivation of rights under color of law, electronic surveillance under color of law, and contempt of court… Four judges signed off on four successive warrants approving the surveillance. But under the law, if the government deceived those judges, it means that lawful warrants were obtained by unlawful means. To put it simply, the judges committed no crimes, but any person who lied to them did. The evidence is compelling that this is what happened.”

The FISC was deceived in six material ways:

    • Judges were not told that Clinton’s campaign and the DNC had paid for the information used in the warrant application;
    • Judges were not told that the FBI’s source, Steele, had lied;
    • Judges were not told that Steele had a known bias against Trump;
    • Judges were not told of exculpatory evidence suggesting the innocence of Page; and
    • Judges were not told that the wife of a senior DOJ official had cultivated some of the Clinton-funded opposition research used by the FBI”

(Witch Hunt – pages 101-102)


The court found that since the FBI did not keep track of searches that pertained to “United States persons,”  they had violated Section 702. “Because the FBI’s proposed procedures do not require it to keep records that ‘indicate whether terms are United States person query terms,’ the FISC held that these procedures do not comply with Section 702(f)(l)(B),” stated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review. 

With these revelations, and their history of unjustifiably unmasking Americans, it is obvious that the deep state needs a deep cleaning. Laws and regulations need to be rewritten so that these unelected officials cannot abuse power and use the FISA courts to spy on the American people. 

Clapper Associate Assisted With Whistleblower Complaint

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  1. These morons Comey Brennan, and others acted as corrupted as government officials in America could be. They all should be hung for what they have done.

  2. Wow,should I start decrying St.Donnie,since he never does nothing wrong.All of this CRAP is depressing when it all has been debunked.This is another diversion and distraction because of the Dirtbags yearning to accuse anyone who does not agree with him.Much like a dictator and you poor souls

    are falling for his BS.Pitiful.

  3. Charges are clearly warranted.

  4. We can only hope and pray that these anti-American crooks who are breaking every law in the books will eventually get what is due them. Life in prison. They are so destructive, they should not be allowed to breathe in open society.

  5. We can only hope and pray these criminals will get what is coming to them – life in prison. They do not deserve to breathe air in open society. They are totally anti-American and breaking all the rules of the constitution. Someone has to be our hero and make sure they do not get away with all the damage they have done.

  6. You obviously do not know anything about the workings of the Constitution or you would know that Donald Trump is guilty of violating it every day. He has no right to forbid staff members to appear before Congress when suboenaed. Nor may he solicit other governments for dirt on a political opponent. He is also violating the emoluments clause. Btw, the so-called “deep state is just another figment of Trump’s imagination.

  7. Yes but not against who you think

  8. People don’t get hung for telling the truth about a corrupt President except in Russia, and North Korea.

  9. I live in Canada and have no skin in the game and watch both sided of this political “game”. I have been watching since Trump became a political candidate. The left seems it could never accept his presidency since a few minutes after he became president! They have tried every very dirty trick to try to usurp him. I cannot believe some of the things they have stooped to. Maureen, I would like to say that you obviously do not know anything about the constitution and are very naive if you believe any of what the democrats are spewing out as hateful rhetoric. Do some research of your own to find out the real truth and be very happy Trump has done all he has done for your country. If you succeed in electing a democratic president think about how your very way of life will change. Trump may not be a cuddly teddy bear but he is the one doing something for everyone, including you, so think about the difference. The dems only want power and the ability to control every aspect of your life. Do yourself a favor and find out things for yourself and don’t believe these power hungry dirty tricksters trying to confuse you. Be your own person or you will only be able to look back and blame ourself if they do regain power. I only wish we had someone in our country that fought for us instead of our current (but not for long) leader who constantly embarrasses us, altho our choices for a replacement aren’t great!

  10. Could you give us some examples Maureen?

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