Dem Debate So Bad Even Liberal Hollywood Was Ashamed

Dem Debate

[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”C” font=”Ultra” background_color_class=”otw-no-background” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-no-border-color”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]elebrities and liberal Hollywood elites love nothing more than to use their platform to try to convince hard-working everyday Americans who to vote for. Touting their favorite out of touch candidate, hoping their millions of followers will get in line behind their candidate of choice is usually enough, but on rare occasion, they will put their money where their mouth is and actually contribute their own money to a campaign.

Last night, however, it seems the big ‘Hollywood’ sign was dark, and, except for a select few, nothing but crickets emerged from Los Angeles. Those who did chime in were less than complimentary. Political comedian Bill Maher tweeted “while the world burns, melts and gets sick these children and opportunists running for president talk about a dirty joke from the 80s. What’s the emoji for Losers?” Harsh, Bill; albeit accurate.

Here’s a name we (thankfully) have not heard from in a hot minute; Michael Moore, the rich guy who lives to hate on other rich guys wrote on twitter, “The audience at the debate – tickets to get in cost up to $3,200. No surprise to see Bloomberg get some cheers. Is there any joy in watching this debate?” Not for you and your cohorts Michael, but for those of us that care about the future of our country, the debate brought us great joy, as Marie Kondo would say.

Extreme progressive and political activist actor Zach Braff summed it up in three words: “What a mess.”

Popular comedian Hannibal Buress tweeted a photo of Biden’s awkward half-smile smirk with the caption, “that face you make when you’ve been trying to be president for 30+ years and you finally realize it’s never gonna happen.” Some comments were vile, such as so-called comedian Norm Macdonald who reportedly backed Andrew Yang and tweeted about abortion: “Warren says Bloomberg told pregnant women to ‘kill it’. Impossible to kill a fetus. Shame on you, Senator Warren.” For clarity and insight into Macdonald’s intellect, we made sure to quote his exact tweet, misspellings, poor grammar and all.

It wasn’t just the candidates who failed to impress the Hollywood elites. Actor Adam Scott took aim at the moderators in his Tweet: “The moderators of this debate smoked a joint together at approx 4:50p.” But maybe they didn’t inhale? Extreme progressive and political activist actor Zach Braff summed it up in three words: “What a mess.”