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Election 2020

Democratic Hopefuls Too Radical for President Obama

Multiple reports have come out stating that President Barack Obama has privately told friends that he will work to ensure that Senator Bernie Sanders does not become the Democratic nominee for president.

A few weeks ago, President Obama came out and warned the Democratic field that “the average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”

With this statement and his openness to campaign against Senator Sanders, one must wonder which candidate President Obama would not come out to campaign against. Nearly all the Democratic presidential hopefuls have supported the radical ideas of free college tuition, student loan forgiveness, the abolishment or restructuring of ICE, Medicare for all (some have said they will allow for private insurance to exist at the same time, but still want Medicare for all), Medicare for illegal immigrants, abortion up to the point of birth (except for Tulsi Gabbard), support of the New Green Deal, and various other radical ideas.

The only thing that makes Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren different from the rest of the candidates is their openness to admit that with these policies, taxes will go up for nearly every American.

With every Democratic debate becoming a perfect example of groupthink, all the Democratic hopefuls have moved extremely far left. Most of them have openly attacked many of the Obama administration’s economic, healthcare, and immigration policies. There is not a major difference between the proposed policies of (radical) Senator Bernie Sanders or even (moderate) Mayor Pete Buttigieg.