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Democrats' 2020 Quid Pro Quo Primary

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

If a “quid pro quo” is an impeachable offense, all of the Democratic hopefuls will be impeached if any of them defeat Trump. Democrats and the media have repeatedly claimed that President Trump’s call to Ukraine is the classic example of a “quid pro quo.” They claim that his request to have a foreign government look into a possibly corrupt business dealing is an impeachable offense.
Ironically, they are on the campaign trail promising that if they are elected, they will use “quid pro quo’s” as an integral part of their own foreign policy plans. With the definition of “quid pro quo” boiling down to “a favor for a favor”, most of the Democratic candidates’ policies are based on “quid pro quo’s”. The website Grabien put together a compilation of some of the Democratic hopefuls on the campaign trail openly discussing how they would use “quid pro quo’s”.

If any of these individuals defeat President Trump’s attempt at re-election, will the media immediately call for their impeachment for their admitted plans to leverage taxpayer money to accomplish their own political goals?
All of the Democratic hopefuls have promised that if you vote for them, they will provide free healthcare and free college. Some have even gone so far as to promise a guaranteed job and a $1,000 a month “freedom dividend”.
With these candidates promising to give such valuable things to the citizens who vote for them, with the Democrats’ new definition of a “quid pro quo”, they are all guilty of what they have claimed to be an impeachable offense. If any of these candidates happen to defeat President Trump, they should immediately start hiring a legal team to fight their future impeachment.