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Democrats Desperate to End Sanders’ Path of Democratic Destruction

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders


here’s a storm a-brewin’ in the Democratic Party and Bernie Sanders is in the eye of the tornado. Former Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) who was also a National Committee chairman and current Biden supporter sums it up: “People are worried.” He continued, “how you can spend four or five months hoping you don’t have to put a bumper sticker from that guy on your car.” While most have been more concerned with universal healthcare or socialism than bumper stickers, we get Dodd’s point.

From Pelosi to DNC members, multiple schemes are being tossed around to end Sanders’ political tear through the primaries. There are reports that Obama is being urged to broker some sort of truce between Sanders and the moderate camps. DNC member from Tennessee, William Owen will even settle for Michelle Obama to be on the ticket as Vice President just so there is someone they can rally behind.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Sanders’ opponent, expressed last night that when it comes to superdelegates and the Democratic National Convention having an assured nominee, that “Bernie had a big hand in writing these rules.” Therefore, Warren does not “see how he thinks he gets to change them now that he thinks there’s an advantage for him.”

Warren is referencing the fact that Sanders and his allies are arguing a majority of delegates should be sufficient to clinch the nomination. He seems to forget that in just 2016 he attempted just the opposite when falling behind to Hillary Clinton. “Bernie seems to have declared war on the Democratic Party – and it’s caused panic in the House ranks,” said Rep. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, who reportedly supports Bloomberg.

Ultimately, Democrats’ highest priority is getting someone who can beat Donald Trump. Party leaders do not believe Sanders is that “someone.” According to people familiar with a private caucus meeting this week, Pelosi invited House Democrats to a meeting at DNC headquarters and said, “whatever the atmosphere is, and I would hope that everyone would say, no matter who the nominee is for president, we wholeheartedly embrace that person.”

Clearly anxiety is running high as the Dems attempt to find a nominee, any nominee, who won’t ruin the party and will beat Trump. That’s a tall order Democrats – you may be out of luck.

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  1. The Demoncraps are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

    Trump rumps in 2020.

  2. I’m amazed that people are supportive of a person who openly praises Fidel Castro a ruthless, dictator. Have you noticed that Florida doesn’t want Bernie Sanders on the Democratic ticket because he’s a Socialist. To many in Florida are from Cuba and know the truth about Fidel Castro and the miserable living conditions in Cuba. I’ve known quite a few people over the years who were from Cuba and said they’d never go back, even though its set in a beautiful part of the world, because of the misery they endured there and couldn’t wait to get out. Most of them had a hard time escaping from Cuba and Fidel Castro’s dictatorship. Sanders also had praise for the government of China. How crazy is that. Compared to this country those two countries are the pits. I saw him today saying how we have to save our Democracy; its disgusting that he pretends he believes in Democracy. Once elected, God forbid, he’d turn this country into a miserable place to live, while he and other “ELITES” live in wealth and enjoy their total power – government take over of every aspect of our lives. We’d be pawns for him to control.

  3. The Ukraine’s in this country will not live under Communist Bernie Sanders and have voice those feelings with rifles in their hands. Those in the Dems party will suffer if Bernie is elected with more anti-communist from Eastern Europe also taking up arms. Bernie will win and be sworn in and it will likely be very short lived. A Coup will happen and those who side with Bernie might want to keep their passports in current order.
    Just ask the Cubans who Bernie has only recently offend.


  5. Fortunately, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, that MSM doesn’t cover. It will slowly evolve and swamp creatures will be adorned in bright orange. Justice will be finally served. Patience is a virtue. Rome was not built in a day.

    Tip. The stock market will level off and rebound Monday. But don’t look for the losses from last week to return.

  6. Words the carnage on the streets is not caused by guns. It`s caused by the criminal element and the illegals. You want to praise yourself for taking gun clips away from American citizens. You got caught saying you were arrested well lets arrest the problem.
    You should be behind bars and you Biden did nothing while riding on Obama`s coat tails.
    Nothing but eat your free lunch while laughing about how stupid you thought the American people are.

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