Debbie Wasserman Schultz


hen Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) praises legislation, you know to prepare for an eye-roll. Today the House Appropriations Committee advanced a bill that would prohibit the continuation of construction projects on military bases named for Confederate officers. “No service member should live or train on a base named for a person who betrayed America’s pursuit of a more perfect union,” said Wasserman Schultz.

On a party-line vote of 30 to 20, the bill was passed as part of the $250.9 billion Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bill for 2021. “Fighting your own countrymen in the name of continuing the enslavement of other human beings is not an act that should be honored, and it’s beyond time for a change at those military bases that do honor such individuals with their namesake,” added Wasserman Schultz.

It’s horrifically insulting for Schultz to say our brave man and women are fighting their own “countrymen” while “continuing the enslavement” but it would be delusional to expect anything more from the Democratic congresswoman. Republican Representative John Carter of Texas expressed his discontent with the measure. “This provision unfairly punishes the men and women and uniform,” said Carter.

Today’s example is just one of many examples where Democrats are targeting confederate symbols in funding bills. President Trump has openly expressed his disagreement with efforts to remove statues and change names of military bases because they are a representation of our nation’s history.

There has been public support for removing statues and symbols during the protests and Black Lives Matter movement in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. However, many believe they are ok to remain as a representation of history and is in no way indicative of a pursuit to continue enslavement, as Wasserman Schultz so viciously asserts.


  1. The bite of a liberal democrat is worse than a rattlesnake, they must be exterminated

  2. I thought she was in jail after she lost the chair.

  3. Alternate headline: Dims vote to defund the military.

  4. The Republican should be careful not to be bitten or make a bill to spray out that venom in their mouth. Vote straight MAGA.

  5. Damn right MAGA KAG

  6. Synopsis: Democrats: “We’re going to hurt those currently in the military in order to punish those long dead people that we’ve only recently decided to despise.”

  7. This is plain BS right here!

  8. A perfect example….today’s communist/democrats could care less about anything besides catering to their uninformed, misinformed, fanatic base. We REALLY need to somehow clean up our elections. I have come to the thought that the reason democrats own some cities and states is because they rig elections. I don’t think people are actually dumb enough to support them, by and large.

  9. Do politicians ever end their stupidity or virtue signaling do nothingness? The name of a military base has noting to do with its effectiveness or its’ actual need for national security. The names will be changed in due course when the Congress or military gets off its ass and does it. Until then sabotaging those bases by halting construction of maintenance is VERY irresponsible.

    Lucky we did not name some nuclear subs or missile sites after some obscure or even famous non-P.C. person.. the entire nations security could be compromised to these political jerk-wads.

    Millions of troops were housed and trained at these facilities whose names are retro-actively now considered “offensive.” Guess no-one noticed in past generations until they went to Universities and got “educated” about the American Civil War.

    Next up is Famous Democrats who belonged to the KKK and/or owned slaves. Karmela Harris’ family were slave owners in Jamaica. Guess she can’t run for POTUS and should be kicked out of the Senate.

  10. if America is stupid enough to elect Biden, then we deserve the catastrophe that will quickly follow. We will be sooooo screwed.

  11. if America is stupid enough to elect Biden, then we deserve the catastrophe that will quickly follow.

  12. When are these idiot democrats and their friends the anarchists going to stop re-fighting the civil war? It is American history, only American history and these fools would be wise to learn from it less they repeat it! Stop destroying it! No name changes! The President has a veto pen! More and more democrats are turning into traitors! They all are liars!

  13. Then why hold up construction that would otherwise benefit military personnel only because the bases are named after Confederate officers?

  14. Gregg is touching on a sensitive point – the construction projects going on at all military bases, is rife with corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse!!! I’m retired military and was a resource advisor and I’m telling you an exhaustive audit should be done on this issue. The demonrats just tipped us by saying the practice should be stopped in the south only, this is a wink and a nod for the corruption to continue!! Trillions flushed down the toilet!!

  15. Before I enlisted into the Navy, I was drafted in 1968 and reported to Ft Bragg, NC. It was a rough basic and the camaraderie was amazing. 90% of us were shipped to AIT and then to Viet Nam. NOT ONCE did I even think about who the base was named after. It was an experience I carry to this day and I could actually give not even one little p h u q who it was named for. leave it alone.

  16. I have come to believe that so many people on the left, and on the right are so corrupt and beholden to those that control them, that we lost our Congress a long time ago to the Deep State operators, Soros and friends, the Is lamists and people unknown to us. We probably haven’t had a vote based on facts and integrity for decades. TERM LIMITS is a hope, no a panacea, but it is one place to start. Then, I would put anyone elected to office, under a sworn and written oath. to tell the truth, the whole truth when conducting their duties in office, which would have the power of law requiring expulsion from office, if violated. I’ll leave to an attorney to put it legally binding legalese.

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