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Dems: Evidence be Damned, We Will Impeach


Long ago, the Democrats pre-ordained the impeachment of Donald Trump; their only obstacle was conjuring a reason. They floated various ideas to try to impeach President Trump. They claimed that they had the right to impeach the President based on him not releasing his taxes, possible payments to Stormy Daniels, his political attacks on the squad, funding to Puerto Rico, his use of crass language, and for more than two years, it was the fabricated Russia “collusion” conspiracy.

The Democrats promised that Mueller’s report would be the final basis for impeachment. When that balloon exploded, Democrats and the media were apoplectic with grief. Ever since this monumental failure, they have frantically searched and worked to create something else they can use to try to impeach President Trump. 

The foundation for their newest attempt to unseat a duly elected President is based on the account of a politically biased “whistleblower.” Under the law, the whistleblower is not a “whistleblower.” Nancy Pelosi launched impeachment proceedings, claiming there was a “quid pro quo,” without ever bothering to read the transcript of President Trump’s conversation with President Zelensky. She did it based on nothing more than hearsay from an anonymous informant who never heard the conversation or read a transcript of it. 


No witness has yet to say that there was a quid pro quo.  No one has testified that Ukraine even knew that military aid was being withheld. Ukraine did not know about the frozen military funds until August 29 –almost 5 weeks after the President’s phone call with the Ukrainian leader.  Thus, there can be no quid pro quo… without the “quo.” It’s a legal impossibility. There is no case. Everyone involved has stated so far that there was no pressure, no demand, no condition of any kind. There is “no there” there.

Democrats are hell-bent on impeaching Trump, regardless of any evidence in support of it. Any excuse, however implausible or defective, will do. They are so far ahead of themselves, it will be impossible to put the brakes on it. They’ve vowed to do it, and are now firmly locked into that promise with no escape.

This will backfire. Americans have a fundamental sense of what’s fair. This entire secret process is anathema to fairness.  Secrecy breeds corruption; Pelosi & Schiff have irrevocably corrupted the impeachment process. They have violated every norm and precedent involving presidential impeachment proceedings. 


This is exactly what the Framers feared –that an opposing party would seek to remove a President for purely partisan reasons. They did not want impeachment to be exploited as a political weapon.  So, in their wisdom, they created procedural protection –the requirement that two-thirds of the Senate would have to vote for removing a President.  

Still, with all of the facts staring the Democrats in the face, they have painted themselves into a corner. They do not care about facts, legal precedent, or the will of the American people. The only thing that matters to them is that they satisfy the will of their base who hate President Trump at a forcibly institutionalized level. They have become the servants of a lunatic fringe of highly partisan individuals that believe their overwhelming hatred for President Trump is more valid than the law and the voting rights of the American people.

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  1. Don’t we all realize that the Democrats are trying to conduct Russian KGB Style hearings to determine our president’s culpability in unknown crimes??? I thought that according to our laws, a person could not be tried without having charges brought up against him/her! The Democratic congress is following Stalin’s dictum: “Find me the man and I will find the crime”!! Shame on us (I mean all of US) for allowing this charade to go on.

  2. Great article Gregg and you have hit the nail right on the head!!! The Dems will fail miserably and hopefully bring ruin to their party. Since it is mostly there already, it won’t take much more to push it over the edge. “Silly Dems tricks are NOT for them, they are way too childish….

  3. Gregg, I would just like to note that the Democrat base that they aim to please is the rest of the DEEP STATE CRIMINALS, spawn of SATAN, that is using US Taxpayers money and bribes from the Industrial Complex to make themselves rich while they pretend the Constitution is their BIBLE, yet every move they are make proves otherwise. May God have mercy on their souls….I would not want to be in their shoes…when the hammer falls!

  4. Go ahead, Pelousy, the witch of the West!

  5. Very sad that DNC lost the election for Presidential candidate in 2020

  6. Have most Democrats and RINO’S been compromised by accepting George Soros money? Can we get the Tax Returns of all for the past 10 years?

  7. The Democrats are having a great time NOW, enjoy yourselves.
    That being said, this will came back to bite them in the ass, a Thousand times over. This is not a threat it is a PROMISE.
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO.

  8. Will anyone from the Democrat party ever face justice. Why do we have to pay these people when none of them do their job. MCUSA AGREEMENT. NOW. HOW CAN 1 PERSON HOLD OUR COUNTRY HOSTAGE. THEY NEED TO GO NOW

  9. There is no whistle blower. It’s shifty shift playing games


  11. Agree with you Marilyn 100%

  12. Check who pays for shiff and others the are communist watch emeny within on amazon prime for name and sponcer, there have hade a mission to destore America for 20 years we now call the the far left, the far left of God and goverment,ofAmerica and of what is right. Who pays to get them elected is the key. the communist democarte party nnot the american democates. Vote for America, save America, keep Trump in office.

  13. I served 24 years and my “Oath” was for life not until retirement! The Dems/Communist have shone over and over they are the Party of criminals and criminal lovers. Many of them have committed Treason! Myself and Millions like me too the Oath and we will be there when the President calls!

  14. “Vote To Stop This Party Out Of Office, Then American Voters Can Say We Did Something To Better America, And Did not Just Sit Around , Thanks Mr. Jarrett

  15. Well, this came out befoire Durham’s investigation now is a criminal investigation into how the corrupted morons of the Obama era, Brennan and Comey, were spying on the Trump campaign and using a Russian fairy tale to take him down. This will go very badly for the Democrats, Shiff and Pelosi foir the 2020 election as even more Americans will know it was all a corrupted conspiracy just as this impeachment fiasco is.

  16. Glen blanton i agree with you 100 precent

  17. The Democrats need to Be removed from office. What they are doing is illegal. They need to be arrested & sent to prison or GITMO. It’s a Coup d’état & the Law biding American Citizens will not put up with their Actions.

  18. Thank You for your service.

  19. The mental health of many members in the House should be question by the FBI. Members of the House who might have also been influence by the Mexican drug cartel and have had their campaigns finance by dirty money. Not to apply that any members of Congress could be brought, but it seems that some have become wealthy while in Congress.

  20. The democrats are so conceited that they can’t accept that the other side might not be evil. At least Republicans can accept that different ideas aren’t necessarily bad.

  21. I believe the Democratic Party is evil. An someone is right. I think the dem party is in league with the drug cartel in Mexico that be the true reason they don’t want a border wall. Makes since

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