Did Obama Break the Law?

Gregg Jarrett


id Obama break the law? That’s the question discussed amongst Gregg Jarrett and Charlie Kirk on the popular “The Charlie Kirk Show” Podcast. Author and attorney Jarrett breaks down the legal case against Barack Obama and his involvement in all things Russia hoax. Specifically, Kirk asks Jarrett about the innocence of General Michael Flynn and the unjust conviction of Roger Stone.


Not only was legality at play here, but also the “unfortunate reality” of Democratic privilege when it comes to the incredibly immoral and biased mainstream media. How much of this mess, and continuation of the sham can we blame on the mainstream media? Quite a lot.

A special treat is also revealed in this episode: Jarrett reveals his exclusive scoop on John Durham and Bill Barr’s investigation into James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and the rest of the “coup cabal.”Witch Hunt

Flynn Attorney Rips Obama: ‘Your Administration’ Was Damaging to ‘Rule of Law’

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  1. It was President Truman who put it succinctly “The buck stops HERE” where “HERE” was his Oval Office Desk.

  2. I agree with Rush Limbaugh that Obama would never see the insides of a prison. We just don’t do that to ex-Presidents.

    But I believe if enough of the criminals in his Administration are imprisoned, if Hillary and Biden could be indicted, that would sufficiently expose the illegitimacy and criminality of Obama himself.

    Trump will be declared as one of the greatest Presidents. ever, for rescuing our Nation from enemies … foreign and domestic.


  4. If we had a MSM with just a “smidgeon” of honesty, Obama and his criminal thugs would have been exposed many years ago when he ran for office and when he began weaponizing government agencies to go after his political enemies. The evidence was so obvious and overwhelming.

  5. Looks like Obama already what’s in front of the military courts …

    because a judge of Janine’s stature / would be the exact perfect person / and the exact perfect legal person …

    to most accurately describe the crimes/ in exactly the way a judge > in the military would see them / and then judge them!…

    Treason > High Treason


  6. Great show Greg and Charlie.

  7. Why hasn’t anyone raided the home of BobBauer and the law offices of Perkins Coie like they did to Manafort and Stone ? Bauer was a Obama’s personal attorney and atty for the DNC, Obama for America and the Hillary campaign. The firm was paid millions from them the same time they hired Fusion GPS. This is where it all began.

  8. Great question

  9. Also, I want the emails between the partners of Covington and Burling, Flynn’s corrupt original lawyers.
    Especially the emails from one of their partners. Yep, I’m looking at you, Eric Holder.
    Flynn should sue them for the money he paid them, get discovery, and grab all of their emails.

  10. Im pretty fed up, as Im sure a lot of people are feeling it to. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is EVIL AND DANGEROUS and will stop at nothing to DESTROY our PRESIDENT and our COUNTRY. They will stoop to any level to get their POWER back and take the White House, if they do we as a REPUBLIC are Doomed.

  11. I like that a lot.

  12. Only to ,” WE THE PEOPLE ” not the MEDIA, ot the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  13. They need to be arrested and be tried in a “Military” court for TREASON AND SEDITION. They won’t get away therr, as opposed to a FEDERAL COURT, they would only get a “CLUB MED” type of deal.

  14. Trump will be declared as the very best PRESIDENT the UNITED STATES EVER HAD….

  15. Spiro Agnew was a vice president and he went to prison. Well he was on “lockdown” at an Air Force Base. He was given a house and a driver. He could go anywhere on base including the golf course and Officer’s Club – but could not go outside of the gates. It was brutal.

  16. All open minded people know exactly who the criminals are!!!! It truly is very sad for our country to become no better than the Bolsheviks !!!! We have a bunch of intelligence individuals, a VP, a former secretary of state, head of FBI, & CIA, they remind me of the old soviet troika planning to assassinate the leader of the country!!! The head of this criminal enterprise is non other than the NOBEL winner!!! I am sure more documents will be forthcoming drip by drip and heavens knows if they will ever face the hand of justice!!!!! Personally to me the biggest travesty is non other than the following CORRUPT quartet: ADAM SCHIFF, PELOSI, NADLER AND SCHUMER: Adam Schiff has been a permanent fixture for the past 3 years plus on national TV on the liberal/ socialistic stations preaching impeachment and that he has all the evidence: WELL IT IS TIME FOR THE SPINELESS REPUBLICANS TO GET ON TELEVISION AND CHALLENGE THIS VICIOUS CRIMINAL TO PROVE WHAT HE HAS BEEN PREACHING ALL THESE YEARS OR SHUT UP AND APOLOGIZE TO THE NATION FOR ALL THE GRIEF YOU POURED ON US!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!

  17. I agree

  18. Question. Did Obama break the law? Answer, what law or laws DIDN’T Obama break?? Obama was the MOST CORRUPT AND SCANDAL RIDDEN PRESIDENT in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

  19. we need to go after the media and tar n feather many of them for outrite Biased. They need to be punishred by real people w/masks on ( since they like them so much) and it needs to be broadcast so that an example is made for journalists in the future who are thinking of towing the line for any side & saying otherwise.

  20. good to hear some other people are seeing this and feel the same way but we are still in the here & now and what can we do but voice our opinions and have them censored by the Tech companies becuz it is called hate speech or some other new catch phrase. Im afraid there will be much blood needed to spill before we stop these EVIL sick people. KEEP FIGHTING they will never just give us bak our FREEDOM.

  21. I think it is just a CRIME that he wouldn’t be forced to pay or something as “what does our crazy Speaker
    say…”no one is above the law?” or is it just OBAMA THAT DOESN’T HAVE TO MEET ANY REQUIREMENTS

  22. If We make Obama and Alzheimer Biden under Oath in COURT “which actually means nothing to the Muslim Barry and Alzheimer Joe they would even lie then ” that would be a Chain reaction to putting GWBush and Cheney in Prison, and every Career Politician involved in their Dirty Deeds! But yet, these Bottom FEEDERS in DC can ruin General Flynn’s life and our Legitimate Elected President Trump for over 3 yrs Spying and Harrassment that he and his family has endured! Just how is that Justice that’s not including the Citizens Tax dollars that were Wasted and our Mental Health listening to these Liars in DC and the Fake Media Puppet’s! It’s a Disgrace and someone should go down, let’s just put a Bounty on Soros’s head for a Million and watch the Best Sport on TV be watched by Billions, heck even take Bids who will find this Communist Sponsor of Chose in the World! The Great Soros Hunt 2020 Sunday Nights on Fox !

  23. That’s what needs to happen but of Course most of Pentagon are Liberals show Show Dog’s!

  24. Yea, I wonder how he survived those brutal parr threes ?

  25. I remember George Carlin did a bit about it back then. He said he was running out and committing a crime. He was going to plead guilty and tell the judge – ‘Give me the Agnew treatment”.

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