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Do you Believe Fauxcahontas or Socialist Sanders?

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders are feuding on the eve of the Democratic Presidential debate. CNN reported that Warren staffers had stated that in a private dinner between Sanders and Warren, Sanders stated that he thought a woman could not win the presidency.

Sanders has come out and denied that he said this, and there is video proof of him saying that he thought a woman could win an election for president previously. With Sen.Warren’s history of lying and exaggerating, it is hard to take her at her word.

Still, at the same time, Sen. Sanders has had similar instances of having a problem with telling the truth.  One of the most telling statements was on March 7, 2016, when he said, When you’re white … you don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

The obvious benefactor to this story emerging is CNN. With them hosting the Democratic Presidential debate they are pushing this story as much as they can, hoping people will tune in to see the fireworks from such an allegation. With the debate’s ratings sinking, and the late start time, we will have to wait to see if their push for the #2 and #3 candidates to fight actually helps their ratings.