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Durham Again Confirms That Trump-Russia Story Was Invented by Hillary Clinton Campaign

The same has been proven with the other phony “collusion” story that was recited in the infamous and discredited “dossier.”  Both were premeditated smears perpetrated by the Clinton Campaign.

In a new filing in federal court in Washington, Special Counsel John Durham confirms that the accusation of a secret Trump-Russia communications channel with a Kremlin-linked bank called Alfa was “user created.”  Translation: it was all made up.


The same has been proven with the other phony “collusion” story that was recited in the infamous and discredited “dossier.”  Both were premeditated smears perpetrated by the Clinton Campaign.

All of it was invented by Hillary, who approved a plan in July 2016 to frame Trump to distract from her own email scandal and boost her election chances.  But after she lost, she and her confederates kept pushing the fiction to destroy Trump’s presidency.

Also revealed by Durham is that five workers connected to the Clinton Campaign invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to cooperate because they fear they may incriminate themselves if they talk.  They were the ones who exploited and manipulated internet traffic data (as they were spying on Trump buildings) to create the appearance of a Russian connection.

According to Durham, the CIA found that it was “not technically plausible.”  It was nothing more than “spoofed traffic” and a “trick.”

Durham disclosed that he has already granted immunity to “Researcher 2” who is unidentified, and he intends to seek immunity for someone at Fusion GPS who has also not been identified.


These revelations were made in advance of next month’s trial of Clinton Campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, who stands accused of lying to the FBI about who he was representing when he passed along to the bureau the fabricated anti-Trump information.

Sussmann put his lie in writing, according to the special counsel, when he said he was representing no one but himself.  His billing records show he was working for the Clinton Campaign and charged it for the meeting with the FBI.  His deception is corroborated by the handwritten notes of two agents who attended the meeting with agency general counsel, James Baker.

Sussmann can now only argue that his lie was not “material” or important.  Good luck with that.  It is manifest that the FBI took his claims seriously.  Had the agency known that it was all the handiwork of the Clinton Campaign, the FBI would likely have dismissed it as the political smear that it was.  Instead, immense financial resources and personnel were devoted to investigating the false allegations.

Durham also reveals that Sussmann was deeply involved in the fictitious “dossier” composed by the nefarious Christopher Steele as he coordinated with Fusion GPS to frame Trump.

There is an indication that the special counsel may still seek additional indictments —perhaps Sussmann’s partner at the Perkins Coie law firm, Marc Elias, as well as Rodney Joffe at the tech firm that created the back-channel fiction.  Others at Fusion GPS might also be charged.

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